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The Philippines is home to several gorgeous islands that attract millions of foreign travelers each year. And if you’re looking for a unique, tropical paradise to get away from it all, the Philippines should be on top of your list. Of course, this makes for a perfect location to do yoga as the country offers a lot of yoga retreats to progress in your practice and connect with other yogis. One thing to note, in the Philippines, you are never too far away from the beach, so a lot of the yoga retreats in Philippines include water sports!

Fortunately, there are several retreat centers you might want to consider when visiting the Philippines. But before you go to one of the recommended locations for your wellness journey, you have to know what you are looking for in a retreat.

In this article, I will be sharing with you not only ideal yoga retreat locations in the Philippines, where you can do yoga but also water based activities (relaxing by the beach is included in those!) but also things to consider when booking your yoga retreat.

What To Look For In A Yoga Retreat

Knowing what to look for in a retreat center helps narrow down your choices. It can be overwhelming when you are presented with options but if you know what you want and what you expect to get from your trip, deciding will be much easier.  Ideally, you would want to consider the following:

  • Location – this can be a big factor when deciding which location to pick. Your retreats may either be near your current location or it can be a plane ride away. Consider that the Philippines is composed of small islands and some retreats may be a plane or boat ride away from where you are currently staying.
  • Your level – How experienced are you with yoga? Are you looking to discover the practice or to go to the next level? In any case, getting ready for your retreat by doing yoga on your own before will help you.
  • Yoga styles – there are different kinds of yoga styles and classes offered in different retreat centres. Find out the length of time for classes offered as well as the type of practice. If you are a beginner who wants a slower pace of learning, make sure you find a retreat center that offers that kind of classes 
  • Package Inclusion – Some retreats will include the expenses for your plane or boat rides, while others don’t. Some also only offer certain meals, while other programs will take care of all your meals throughout the day.
  • Instructors – you can join a class led by either a teacher you know or you don’t know. Joining the former will mean you’re more familiar with their style and their overall personality. If it’s your first time working with your teacher, make sure to check out their videos and do your homework to see if you are both a good fit.

5 Recommended Yoga Retreats in the Philippines

While there may be several programs offered throughout the country, there are three main islands I would like to highlight in this article. My top three best places for yoga retreats have to have something in common – they’re located in laid-back and chilled out locations of the Philippines that are close to nature.

  1. Siargao Island
  2. Baler
  3. La Union

1. Siargao

Known as the “Surfing Capital” of the country, the gorgeous island of Siargao offers some of the best tranquil yoga retreats. Apart from making sure you feel refreshed by doing your practice, you also get to stroll around the friendly town that attracts a lot of expats.

yoga retreats in the Philippines

The best thing about Siargao – it’s the ultimate paradise where you can go on living a healthy lifestyle of great healthy food choices, surf, and breathtaking beaches.

When in Siargao, check out the following retreats:

  • Lotus Shores –  community for yogis where you can practice asana, mantra, and pranayama. Located in General Luna, Siargao, this retreat center is also known for their Vegan Cafe, which serves delightful vegan dishes. On any day of the year, you can book a retreat at Lotus Shores, for a minimum of three nights. Their package already includes accommodations and meals. You can also check out their Ayurvedic and Silent retreats if you are a more experienced yogi looking for a different kind of experience.
  • Sadhana Siargao – If you prefer traditional ashtanga yoga, head to Sadhana Siargao, where KPJAYI-Certified Ashtanga teacher, Tarik Thami is teaching, along with other guest teachers. Sadhana Siargao is located near Cloud 9, the island’s most popular surf spot. This retreat is more of a self-paced one as you can book your yoga classes and accommodation independently in the center.

2. Baler (Aurora)

Baler is another spot popular among surfers and yogis alike. This laid-back gorgeous town of Aurora province, located northeast of Manila is primarily known for its strong waves. Baler also offers scenic and tranquil spots for digital nomads who also want to have peaceful yoga sessions while still being connected to their real lives.

When in Baler, book your retreat with Kahanamoku Bed & Breakfast, which offers daily yoga classes. If you want to have a more private retreat, you can book a one-on-one session to make for a more personalized experience.

It doesn’t matter what skill level you already have – Kahanamoku Yoga retreats will help you reach your goals. And FYI, Kahanomoku also offers a Surf and Yoga retreat as well.

In another town in Aurora, almost an hour away from Baler is a retreat center famous for their silent retreats. Need to get away from it all and just immerse yourself in silent meditation? Head to Bulong ng Simoy (Whisper of the Breeze) Retreat House in Dipaculao, Aurora.

Not only does this off-the-beaten-path center offer silent meditation and yoga retreats, but also different yoga classes and meditation programs that will let you reflect while you’re so close to nature. Keep in mind that this is a Spirituality Center, so it is better if you are already more experienced.

3. La Union

Located in the Ilocos region, La Union is more than just a beach town. It’s the favorite place of many wellness advocates. Many of us who visited La Union will feel energized and a sense of serenity. There’s just something about this place that heals.

And of course, to refresh your mind, a yoga retreat in La Union is one you shouldn’t miss. One of the best yoga retreats to check out in this province is Aquanimous.

Aquanimous offers a weekend yoga retreat where you can witness the beautiful sunrise and sunset as you do your meditation. The 3-day retreat includes accommodation and meals, meditation and yoga classes, and other activities such as Sand-Up-Paddle yoga and an Ayurvedic consultation.

The Philippines is the perfect place to unwind and do a yoga retreat if you love nature and the ocean. One way to refocus yourself is by joining a yoga retreat to soothe your mind, body, and soul, and live a mindful life. Try visiting one or some of these yoga retreat centers in these different hotspots for an exciting and refreshing experience.

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