7 Best Yoga Retreats in Vietnam

When travelling through Asia, I went on the quest for the best yoga retreat Vietnam had to offer, and here are the fantastic options available…

1. Yoga and Meditation Retreat at Amanoi

Amanoi is a boutique resort on the dramatic coastline of Vietnam’s Vinh Hy Bay. The resort is host to a wellness retreat which offers yoga, guided meditation, Tai Chi, Reiki and healing massage. The retreat is designed to minimise stress and cultivate mindfulness, offering the opportunity to escape the pressures of daily life. Disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself in this 7 night programme.  At Amanoi, you will achieve deep relaxation and reconnection. 

2. Island Smiles Yoga Retreat 

If you’re looking for a safe and tranquil space to reconnect with yourself and tune into the universe then look no further! Island Smiles Yoga Retreat provides you with opportunity to deeply listen to your mind and body through experimentation with yoga and mindfulness. Located at Cham Island, Island Smiles is the perfect place to unplug and find your inner peace. From practising yoga in the forest to afternoons on the beach, this experience is packed full of mindful activity and self discovery.

3. Yoga, Sound and Cultural Experience Retreat in Soc Son

Taking some time out to focus on you, enjoy your yoga practice and discover something new is best done at the Yoga, Sound and Cultural Experience Retreat at Soc Son. The speciality of this retreat is their Tibetan singing bowls. This process calms stress, promotes the healing of trauma and nurtures one’s inner power. When combined with yoga, the sound healing provides an incredibly meaningful and nurturing experience. Sound healing is still relatively new to Vietnam and this retreat thrives on the unique benefits sound healing has to yoga. 

4. Journey to Self-Writing, Meditation and Yoga Retreat at An Villa Boutique Resort

The resort of An Villa sits right on the river in a tranquil oasis between palm trees and tropical gardens in a peaceful Vietnamese neighbourhood. The resort is the location of the Journey to Self-Writing, Meditation and Yoga Retreat which is unique in combining yoga and mindfulness practice with writing to nurture all aspects of your mind, body and soul. After releasing both physical and emotional blockages through Yin Yoga, you will find that self expression enhances stillness and provides an outlet to work through the pains and stresses of life. Here, you will be more relaxed and refreshed than you have ever been.  

5. Inner Child Retreat by Gratitude Vietnam

Nurture and nourish your mind, body and soul by releasing your inner child at this retreat by Gratitude Vietnam. This retreat provides you with an opportunity to listen intently to your inner voice and give you a deep insight into your limiting beliefs and subconcious thoughts. Accessing your inner child with Gratitude Vietnam allows deep emotional healing and a reconnection to energy and enthusiasm for life. Daily meditation and yoga sessions at the Inner Child Retreat guide you towards cleansing and healing and lead you towards a life of abundance.

6. Return to Source at Alba Wellness Valley

The Return to Source retreat explores yoga to assist you in discovering flow and movement in all aspects of your life. The retreat is a burst of refreshing energy for the body and a journey to a peaceful mind. The 5 day luxury retreat is held at Alba Wellness Valley.  Located at the foot of the Truong Son Montains, this is where the healing qualities of Thanh Tan natural hot springs combine with rest and relaxation to form the holistic Alba lifestyle you will discover. Here, you will enjoy an in-depth philosophical and practical yoga experience whilst immersed in the surroundings of natural beauty.

7. Wellness Traveller Retreat by Nomad Yoga

Neatly located close to Hoi An, Nomad Yoga is a popular yoga studio which also offers the Wellness Traveller Retreat. The location provides the perfect place for active retreats and Nomad Yoga’s retreat is ‘create your own’. Aimed at busy travellers, Nomad Yoga offers a chance to slow down and practice mindfulness at your own pace. The retreat is fully flexible giving guests access to unlimited yoga classes and freedom to attend when is best for them. The retreat provides travellers with a moment to truly relax and restore before moving onto their next destination.

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