Finding the best Yoga Retreat in Malaysia

Malaysia is not as popular as Bali and Thailand for Yoga retreats, but actually there are several options for the perfect yoga retreat in Malaysia. The islands of Borneo and Langkawi are top spiritual destinations in Malaysia. Here are several fabulous Malaysia yoga retreats to choose from…

1. 7 Day Freedom Blaze Yoga Retreat by 9 Huts on a Hill

One of the most popular yoga retreats in Malaysia is the 7 Day Freedom Blaze Yoga Retreat. The retreat takes place in the eco-friendly resort of 9 Huts on a Hill, providing a simple place to recharge, located in Kudat, Sabah. Rather than traditional yoga retreats which focus on relaxing and rejuvenating, the Freedom Blaze Yoga Retreat is all about getting active and finding yourself. The retreat has a planned package to provide a holistic experience including daily yoga, meditation and adventure. After this retreat, your mind and body will be in perfect balance.

2.Borneo Road Trails Yoga Holiday

Why stay in one place when you can travel on your yoga retreat? Experience what Malaysia has to offer by joining the Borneo Road Trails Yoga Holiday. Life is about exploring and this retreat is a memorable experience. The retreat consists of daily yoga with changing landscapes from inspiring mountains to serene rivers. Get ready for some revitalising and uplifting yoga with a view as all sessions take place at sunrise and sunset with a stunning backdrop. Experience the best of a yoga retreat and the best of travelling all in one package!

3. Relaxed Yoga Retreat at Yoga Now Malaysia

Yoga Now Malaysia offers a retreat which is perfect for quiet reflection and introspection. Located in Langkawi, Yoga Now Malaysia is run by Meng Foong and Marc who offer small yoga retreats to those who a serious about yoga and meditation. The retreat provides a idyllic space to learn and practice yoga in a calm and serene setting. The retreat is solely focused on the practice rather than socialising. If you’re looking for a peaceful place for quiet reflection, look no further!

4. Yoga and Digital Detox Retreat at Mulu Marriott Resort & Spa

Escape the hustle and bustle of daily life whilst enjoying 5 star luxury at the Yoga and Digital Detox Retreat at Mulu Marriott Resort & Spa. The retreat’s focus is to disconnect with technology and reconnect with nature. The resort offers luxury hospitality inside a lush, tropical rainforest whilst the retreat guides you towards a path of wellness, peace and bliss. Using the tools of the yogic practice, you will experience calm enlightenment and a deep connection to Mother Earth.

5. Luxury Sailing and Yoga Cruise by Yogi Alicia

Enjoy a luxury yoga cruise around the beautiful island of Langkawi, sailing to little hidden islands and practising yoga on idyllic beaches with Yogi Alicia. The yoga cruise offers the perfect combination of exploring stunning hideaways and connecting with your mind, body and soul. Imagine days on the sand, sunsets on a yacht and winding down your evenings in peaceful contemplation. This yoga cruise is the perfect way to enjoy the tropical gems on offer and provides the perfect locations to relax.

6. Beauty and Yoga Retreat at The Chateau Spa and Organic Wellness Resort

The Beauty and Yoga Retreat at The Chateau offers a unique getaway designed to acquire the equilibrium of your body and soul. Located in Bukit Tinggi, this retreat is an attractive option to those who wish enjoy a long weekend retreat whilst staying closer to Kuala Lumpur. Treating your body right and de-stressing is the ultimate aim of this retreat whilst guiding you towards the path of complete wellbeing. With the practice of Hatha and Partner yoga, this the perfect escape to recharge your body and mind. 

7. Jungle Meditation and Yoga Retreat by Tais Froggatt

Experience adventure and yoga with the Jungle Meditation and Yoga Retreat. This retreat of a lifetime allows you to dive deep into yoga sessions, enjoy precious meditation, encounter incredible animals and experience amazing places. The 12 day retreat includes sunrise Vinyasa sessions, days of exploring and evenings of Restorative yoga. This retreat is the ultimate relaxation holiday providing you with the opportunity to enjoy river cruises and wildlife spotting then wrapping your days in a bow of practice and reflection.

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