7 Best Yoga Retreats in Bali

In the Indian Ocean lies Bali – one of the most famous spiritual islands in South East Asia. Bali is famous for it’s relaxing beaches, rice paddies and Hindu temples. But more importantly, it is a top destination for yoga with many resorts offering Yoga retreats in Bali. Some people even go to Bali for Yoga teacher training. But which Yoga retreat Bali is for you? Here are some of the best…

1. 8 Day Wellness Yoga Retreat at Firefly Resort

The serene setting of Firefly Resort is situated amongst the rice paddies in Ubud, Bali. With morning yoga practice and relaxing afternoons to explore, the retreat offers rejuvenation for a more modest budget. Suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced, the retreat explores a variety of yoga styles whilst also offering sound healing, firefly watching and traditional Balinese experiences. The retreat aims to help you find the balance between body and mind through personal exploration and development. It’s my favourite yoga retreat Bali has on offer.

2. 6 Days Rejuvenating Meditation and Wellness Yoga Retreat at Adiwana Resort

This peaceful retreat set in the exotic gardens of Adiwana Resort, focuses on rejuvenation and a bit of luxury. The retreat recharges through daily yoga sessions, reconnects with meditation classes and relaxes through pamper experiences. Located in Ubud, the host resort is described as ‘paradise on Earth’ whilst the retreat itself is refreshing and inspirational. Through exploring the benefits of Ayurveda and communication with a personal wellness consultant, you will leave the retreat with a revived spirit and new outlook on life. 

3. The Path To Happiness Retreat by Floating Leaf

This week long retreat is incredibly popular and sells out fast! The Path To Happiness is an exploration of yoga, meditation and wellness helping you discover lifelong joy. The Balinese are said to be ‘joy professionals’ so Bali is the perfect location for this happiness retreat based at Floating Leaf amongst the rice fields in Bali’s Gianyar region. Wellness professionals empower you to stoke your internal glow and reconnect with what truly makes you happy. This transformational retreat is designed to encourage the best version of yourself to shine through!

4. The Chillhouse

Located in Canggu, The Chillhouse is aptly named as it is the ultimate place to unwind. This yoga and surf retreat offers a wide range of activities and experiences to connect with mind, body and soul. Yoga is central to The Chillhouse philosophy and they offer a variety of different sessions on a daily basis. The programme is flexible allowing you to attend yoga classes, surf sessions and meals in your own time and at your own convenience. The Chillhouse is the place to relax and take things at your own pace, perfect if you’re looking for a retreat where you can go with the flow.

5. Return To Yourself at Spa Village Resort

Created by a woman who had been travelling solo for many years, the Return To Yourself retreat was created with solo travellers and small female groups in mind. Located at Spa Village Resort, a stunning spa complex tucked away in one of the calmest corners of Bali, the retreat aims to reconnect you with your true essence. The retreat offers a nurturing environment to explore speciality yoga classes, practice meditation and also indulge in some spa treatments. Through the Return To Yourself retreat, you will complete the week feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and leave with a new sense of inner serenity.

6. Self Love Retreat by MindSpo Retreats

The meditation school MindSpo based in Canggu has created an incredible experience with their Self Love Retreat. The retreat is hosted at The MindSpo Mansion, a location which is a tranquil paradise within the jungle. MindSpo founders Rochelle Fox and Chris Soll guide you through an empowering week of yoga, meditation and workshops. Not only do guests explore new yoga flows and meditation techniques, they participate in self love workshops and ceremonies whilst also having a little free time to explore Bali. The Self Love Retreat has rave reviews and a following known as ‘The MindSpo Tribe’. Rochelle and Chris are a modern couple who guests can relate to and connect with. Their passion for life and wellness flows through every part of this retreat creating a truly enlightening journey.

7. Personalised Yoga Retreat by The Yoga Barn

Not every yoga retreat is suited to every individual so why not create your own? The Yoga Barn in Ubud is the ultimate wellness hub. A popular yoga studio with a regular schedule of classes… and they also host their own retreats. With The Yoga Barn’s Personalised Yoga Retreat, you have the option to customise your experience exactly the way you want it. A personal ‘retreat angel’ is allocated and guides guests through an immersive yoga programme specifically designed to the individual’s mind, body and wellbeing goals. The whole experience is designed for you, with you. 

Wherever you choose for your Yoga retreat Bali, you won’t be disappointment. While you are there, take some time to also visit some of the amazing temples in Bali such as the famous Uluwatu temple.

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