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If you have still not been to Bali, then where have you been? Bali has been the travel hype now for many years, and the pictures show you why. Bali is such an exciting place, it’s fun, its got a lot to offer and also it makes for a great relaxing trip if you want it to be.

The Perfect Bali Itinerary 10 Days

Here’s a great itinerary for anyone spending 10 days in Bali. But the longer you can stay the better – make sure you factor some time in for yoga, relaxation and swimming in some of Bali’s amazing infinity pools.

Day 1 – Kuta

Your your Bali itinerary 10 days will already start on a high as when you are landing; you see one of the many volcanoes that Bali has to offer. On your arrival, it’s probably best to spend just one night in Kuta as you want to get to Ubud as quickly as possible. If you’re looking for a hotel recommendation, then the Angkul Beach Inn Hotel is a good shout! Located in the centre of Kuta Square, it’s cheap and its got breakfast included as part of the price. Being so centrally located, this will allow you to explore Kuta square, and you’ll be able to pick from one of the many bars and restaurants on offer.

Day 2 – Ubud including Monkey forest Sanctuary

Next morning, wake up nice and early, and you either have two choices. You can rent a bike and drive to Ubud, or, you can take a grab. However, riding for around two hours with big backpacks on your bag may be quite uncomfortable. However, a round trip would probably cost you approximately £50 more if you take a grab.

Monkey Forest Statue Ubud
Bali Itinerary 10 Days – Monkey Forest Sanctuary

If you do take a taxi, it takes around 45 minutes, and you’ll arrive on the outskirts of Ubud. The first thing you should do is hire a bike, most are around 50k Indonesian Rupiah for 24 hours and then set about exploring Ubud. While exploring, make sure to stop off at a restaurant called Buddha Bowel, as it serves some phenomenal Asian food.

From Buddha Bowel, it will be a short trip to the Monkey Forest Sanctuary, which is an incredible experience. You can spend as long as you want here and the tickets are 50k each. Just be careful you don’t end up becoming one of the unlucky few where a monkey jumps on you and won’t leave you alone! Do be considerate of the sanctuaries rules.

From here, you can visit the Campuhan Ridge, where we walked through the rice fields and the surrounding mountains. We got to witness an incredible sunset as well as some stunning scenery! What’s best about the Ridge walk is that it’s completely free!

Day 3 – Yoga Retreat

Basing yourself in the centre of Ubud will make everything easy for you going forward. Alam Terrace was a great hotel, as it’s simply stunning. The rooms are amazing, and the pool is sublime.

The hotel also has incredibly cheap food (not sure how they make any money off it) and makes for a relaxing day around the pool. You can also rent a bike and drive to Tegenungan Waterfall.

Make sure you also check out a yoga retreat while you’re in Ubud! Ubud is known for it’s yoga and has some fantastic resorts for you to go and explore. Check this article out for more info:

Day 4 – Rice terraces and Mount Batur National Park

Day 4 will be quite a hectic day as you’ll end up visiting a lot of different places. Firstly, you will visit the rice terraces just north of Ubud which gives you spectacular views and also areas where you can go on massive swings and take to the air.

After you’ve finished having fun, you’ll want to visit the Mount Batur National Park, where annoyingly you’ll have to pay 32k Rupiah to get in. A little tip, if you’re going to go and climb the Volcano, you can go, but the mafia had taken it over and was charging ridiculous amounts to climb it.

Mount Batur Bali 10 day itinerary
Bali Itinerary 10 days – Mount Batur National Park

You can still enjoy the area and drive down to the lake and chill for a bit. There’s not much there, but it is nice after a long drive to take some time to relax and not move. You’ll have another long journey to probably the best waterfall I have ever seen. Nung Nung Waterfall is one of the biggest waterfalls I have ever visited, and also stunning. What made it great is that no one was even there, which made us have the entire waterfall to ourselves. If you’ve never seen a picture, you need to!

Day 5 – Ulun Danu Temple

On your last day in Ubud, go and check out the Ulun Danu Temple in the north of Bali. The temple is far away from Ubud (around a 1 hour and 30 minutes drive) but worth it!

The temple is “floating” on water and is in the midst of an incredible mountain range! The only problem with the temple is its location. If you are planning to visit the temple, then I’d suggest setting off early so you can go and see other things throughout the day before they close.

Ulun Danu Bratan temple Bali
10 days in Bali – Ulun Danu Temple

Day 6 – Uluwatu

Sadly, after having the best time in Ubud, it’s time to move on and visit my favourite place in Bali – Uluwatu. If you want to stay at a fantastic hotel, then stay as Seno Guesthouse & Cafe. The hotel is incredibly well maintained, clean and has everything you would want. It has an excellent pool, a great bar and a restaurant.

After driving for around 2 hours to get to Uluwatu, take day six as a chill and relaxing day around the pool. Soak up the everlasting rays and enjoy the island life. Uluwatu is a surfers paradise; you will notice that the atmosphere is much more relaxed than in other parts of Bali.

If you get a chance, go and visit Single Fin Bar. The bar is located on the coast and gives you surreal views of the surrounding beaches and mountains. You can get great food here but be aware due to its popularity and location; the prices are high.

Day 7 – Surfing and Beach in Uluwatu

On day 7, it’s time to take your surfing gear (or rent some) and hit the beach! As I said, Uluwatu is a surfers paradise and one of the best places to surf in the world. You can take lessons if you’ve never tried it before and I really would recommend it. I would pick you a beach, but there’s no need. Go to anyone you choose, and I guarantee you’ll have a great time anyway!

Day 8 – Sunset Point

Beyond any doubt, my favourite moment in Bali was watching the sunset at Uluwatu sunset point. The place is just crazy! Sunset point has a bar with loads of fellow travellers just enjoying a beer while relaxing in beanbags watching the sun go down. At the time I didn’t think anything would trump NungNung waterfall, but I can’t recommend sunset point enough!

The reason why so many travellers love visiting Uluwatu is obviously because of its excellent surfing conditions, and it’s golden sandy beaches. But the atmosphere down there is so relaxed, it chills you out and automatically makes you have a great time.

Day 9-10 Shopping in Legion/Kuta

With just two days left, head over to Legion as it will make your life easier being nearer to the airport. We stayed at Si Doi Hotel, which has a great location and is also cheap! In the Legion/Kuta area there is a lot more to do/see. There are markets, shopping centres and just typical day to day stuff. If you do visit the beach, I prefer Legion beach to Kuta beach only as its less packed and a lot cleaner.

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