The 10 Best Beaches in Bali

The Indonesian island of Bali is popular with tourists and digital nomads alike. The island boasts amazing yoga retreats, co-working spaces and beaches. We’re here today to explore some of the best beaches in Bali.

Seminyak Beach

If a spot of luxury is what you’re looking for then Seminyak Beach is the place for you. Located on the West coast, lined with five star hotels and home to Seminyak’s best restaurant and bars, the beach front of Seminyak is where it is at. This 5km stretch of golden sand is a holiday in itself with popular surf spots, sun beds to relax on under colourful parasols and glamourous lunch locations. With plenty to keep families occupied during the sunlight and a vibrant nightlife scene with beautiful spaces to catch the sunset, Seminyak Beach is a one stop shop.

Nusa Dua Beach

The stretch of white powder that makes up Nusa Dua Beach is so flawless it could almost be mistaken as man-made. Not only are the beaches impeccably clean but the waters are incredibly calm and make Nusa Dua Beach to perfect location for families. With plenty of shaded areas to cool off, the little ones won’t be hot and bothered and a fun-filled family day can be enjoyed with watersports, family-friendly restaurants and a shopping complex. If that’s not enough, Nusa Dua Beach is the most amazing location for a sunrise view and we know if you’re there with little ones, you’ll probably be up early anyway!

Tanjung Benoa

A more affordable option to the neighbouring Nusa Dua Beach, Tanjung Benoa has the same stunning white sand and calm waters. However, Tanjung Benoa is a busy hub in contrast to Nusa Dua. With a plethora of watersports kiosks, the beach has a large offering of activities from para-sailing to jet-skiing. Any water activity you can think of, Tanjung Benoa probably has it on offer. The single main road is also a seemingly endless place to shop, eat and drink. If you’re more a doer on vacation than a relaxer, Tanjung Benoa is the perfect place to keep you occupied.

Echo Beach

The coolest oceanfront to see and be seen in Bali is Echo Beach. The watering hole of Canggu has countless surf spots and shabby chic bars along the black sand beach front. As one of Bali’s top surf spots, this Bohemian corner of Bali is a playground by day and a wild party destination by night. Whilst not the most picturesque beach in Bali, the chill out zone that is Echo Beach is a hub of salty hair and positive vibes. Some of the best sunsets can be found at Echo Beach and can be viewed whilst enjoying some delicious food at one of the many barbecue restaurants along the promenade.

Jimbaran Bay

The glittering sands of the 3km stretch known as Jimbaran Bay is famous for gorgeous scenery and is relatively undeveloped. Seafood is a speciality of the area and Jimbaran Bay is a popular spot where fisherman sell their fresh seafood every morning at the bustling market. It is no surprise that along the beachfront, you will find a wide range of beachfront barbecues cooking up the catch of the day. A highlight of a trip to Jimbaran Bay is finding a romantic seafood dinner as the sun sets with the local oceanic delicacies on offer for you.

Thomas Beach

The hidden bay of Thomas Beach was always one of Bali’s best kept secrets but since the opening of some of Uluwatu’s coolest restaurants, this bay is not such a secret any more. However, Thomas Beach still remains one of the quietest and best beaches in Bali and it is the perfect places for a bit more privacy whilst sunbaking or taking a romantic stroll. The secluded strip of white sand is worth descending down the cliff for with turquoise waters and dramatic boulders fringing the beach front. Thomas Beach is incredibly picturesque and a postcard perfect beach.

Blue Lagoon

The clue is in the name here as Blue Lagoon’s azure waters, white sand and palm tree backdrop create the ultimate paradise. On either side of the lagoon, you will find rocky hills which make a perfect frame for the bay in your holiday snaps. In the heart of the lagoon is an underwater paradise where divers and snorkellers are on the hunt for Nemo in the crystal clear water. Beneath the aquamarine ocean is some of Bali’s most buzzing coral reefs and is busy with underwater ocean life. The water is warm and the marine life is abundant making it an incredible place to dive deep.

Balian Beach

With Insta-worthy dunes, boho cafes and pounding surf, Balian Beach draws in the cool crowds. Balian Beach has undeniable charm with a cliff-top community overlooking the volcanic ash beach. The sparkling black sand and rolling waters of Balian Beach attracts both surfers and yogis due to world class waves and an all round chilled out vibe. Home to one of Bali’s famous surf breaks, Balian Beach is not the best for swimmers due to strong rips and hidden rocks but it is an incredible place to admire the stunning seascape.

Crystal Bay

This sheltered cove on Nusa Penida island is an hour by speedboat from mainland Bali. With sloping palm trees, turquoise water and a hilly backdrop, this undeveloped paradise is oustanding. The perfect place for a slow day of grazing as a lazy tourist and enjoying an idyllic atmosphere, Crystal Bay is an isolated wonder. Located in the village of Sakti and although popular with divers and snorkelers, the cove is dotted with only a handful of thatched roof cottages and the odd bungalow. A place for soaking up the sun and admiring the view.

Sanur Beach

With zero surf and a small nightlife, Sanur Beach is one of the quieter beach destinations in Bali. This seaside town with shallow waters has a lot of serenity and is a delightful place to walk, cycle or just simply unwind. Many hotels and cafes face the sea making Sanur Beach a great choice for a relaxing holiday. With beautiful views, beach front temples and markets along the backstreets, Sanur Beach retains a traditional village feel and is an ideal base to explore the cultural beauty of the Southern peninsula.

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