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Malaysia has long been a country that has been overlooked by the travel community. However, Malaysia has started becoming a travellers dream destination due to the rise in people visiting South East Asia. Here’s the perfect Malaysia 2 week itinerary.

The Perfect Malaysia 2 week itinerary

Days 1-4: Kuala Lumpur

Start your Malaysia 2 week itinerary in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur. It will give you a good idea of Malaysian life. KL will allow you to try delightful cuisines, visit its many different temples and much more!

While in KL, one of the best things to visit is the Petronas Towers. The towers give you a stunning view of the city and make for a great sunset picture if you’re lucky enough to visit at sunset hours.  

It’s a good idea to book a ticket in advance, as you can skip the enormous lines of people waiting for a ticket. You’ll also be guaranteeing that you can go for the sunset!

Personally, one of my favourite things to do in KL was to visit the Batu caves. The caves are outside of the city centre so get public transport/taxi to get there. The caves are full of Hindu paintings and statues, and it gives you an insight into some Hindu spirituality. To enter, you can wear shorts and a T-shirt, but your knees and shoulders must be covered, so keep that in mind if you’re thinking of visiting. 

Batu Caves Malaysia
Malaysia 2 week itinerary – Batu Caves KL

You’ll also want to go and eat at the Dragon’s View Restaurant (DVR) where you can try some local cuisine at some ridiculously low prices. The restaurant is also not that far away from the KL Forest Eco Park. The park had a walking canopy where you can walk through the forest and see an abundance of wildlife!

In the evening times, visiting the night market should be an absolute must! During our stay, we must have eaten here most days. You can eat pretty much anything that you fancy. Personally, my favourite dish was the stingray!

While in KL, staying at Sunshine Bedz is a good shout if you want a clean, and fun hostel. The hostel has a great pub crawl and gives you a chance to meet some great people. KL has a great nightlife down Bar Street, and the club Sutra is incredible. KL has a policy where it’s ladies night, five times a week!

Visiting the Guan Di Temple is is another must while in KL. The Taoist temple is dedicated to Guan Di, the Chinese God of War. It makes for an exciting visit as you become educated on the different Taoist rituals. 

After, you can visit the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, the oldest Hindu temples in Kuala Lumpur. What draws your attention to this temple is the architecture. The front of the temple was decorated with depictions of Hindu Gods sculpted by artisans from Southern India. Both temples don’t take long to visit so if you have some spare time you can fit these into your schedule. 

Merdeka Square is another little place that you should check out. Literally “Independence Square”, here is where the Union Jack was lowered and replaced by the Malayan flag in 1957 for the first time. 

Days 5-7: Cameron Highlands 

The Cameron Highlands is one of the coolest places in Malaysia. Leaving KL, you’ll take the bus and arrive into Tanah Rata (the main city in the Cameron Highlands), get checked-into your accommodation, and will have the next two days to explore this beautiful Malaysian beauty.

The Cameron Highlands is the most significant tea region in Malaysia. If you’re a big tea fan, then get ready to check out the best tea you’ll have ever tasted! The main highlight will be taking a full-day tour of the highlands. In Tanah Rata, you’ll find an abundance of travel agents to choose between!

Cameron Highlands Malaysia
Malaysia 2 week itinerary – Cameron Highlands

Some of the highlights are hiking through the tea plantations. There are so many incredible hiking trails through the farms that you will end up taking on your tour. 

You’ll also learn the history behind the plantation, why the British chose to develop their tea plantations and then get to try the tea!

You’ll also get to walk around the city of Tanah Rata. It’s a very quirky town that has some fantastic food vendors! Seriously, some of the local street food is simply incredible. 

Another little tip that not many people end up doing. Rent a motorbike so you can go on and check the highlands out yourself. Although the tour is impressive, the tour is a tour. By that I mean you are time-constrained and sometimes you won’t be able to visit all the great places the mountains have to offer.

Days 8-11: Penang 

One of the main reasons why I love Penang so much is it is one of those places that have everything. It has its golden sandy beaches; it’s UNESCO heritage sites and a lot of history. 

There are three places that I would recommend any traveller to go to in Penang. The first one being: Batu Ferringhi!

Batu Ferringhi is around 30 minutes north of the city centre and is a paradise for any beach lover. Although it’s a little out of the city centre, the area is bustling with restaurants and shops and is easy to navigate. With it being on the coast, the restaurants offer some amazing seafood cuisines and also have incredibly tasty street food. Not to mention, the beach is a golden sandy heaven.

Another must-go-to place is Balik Pulai which is where most of the main tourist attractions are. The cool thing about Balik Pulai is there are a lot of homestays in the area, so if you like living like a local, then this gives you a fantastic opportunity to do so. You are staying in Penang for three days so you could at least spend one night in a homestay or maybe two if you want to push the boat out!

The final MUST go-to place is Georgetown. Being a UNESCO Heritage Site, the town gives you a tremendous cultural Malaysian experience. It is located close to several attractions such as Cornwallis, Penang Hill and Penang National Park. 

If you’re looking for a chilled out cultural retreat, then you have just hit travelling gold!

12-14: Langkawi

With two days left of your Malaysia tour. No better place to finish than in Langkawi. Langkawi is an incredible place! Made up of 99 islands on the west coast of Malaysia, it leaves you surrounded by turquoise waters and golden sandy beaches. 

Nature lovers, in particular, will love their stay here. The greenery goes on for miles and miles, the vast abundance of wildlife and the clean air are all reasons to love Langkawi!

One of the most popular things to do is to go on an island hopping tour for 30MYR. Anywhere you go, whether it be your hostel, your hotel or a shop you enter, everyone will try and sell you the same tour. The thing is, it’s so worth it! It’s a one-day boat ride and journey through the Mangroves. 

Another fantastic activity to do is the cable car and skywalk at the oriental village. The cable car takes you way over Langkawi and gives you incredible views! The views make for a great picture opportunity and make you sit back and be in awe of your surroundings. 

After basking in the beautiful scenery from above, it’s time now to take the sea and do a jet ski tour around Dayang Bunting. Not many places in the world allow you to make a trip on jet skis around different islands! 

A final thing that is a must-do; is visiting the Geopark Eco Zipline! Here you can get ariel views of the oldest rainforest in the world – pretty cool right? 

As you can tell, Malaysia is a pretty special place. This Malaysia 2 week itinerary gives you enough time to explore some of the best places in this beautiful country, but as always, it’s still helpful if you have more time! Do add Malaysia on your list if you haven’t already. It’s an incredibly unique place and one that will make you have a great time. 

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