Choosing an Inflatable Paddle Board

Going out for a quick ride on your inflatable paddle board is quite wonderful. But a lot of us don’t have the luxury of an SUV to put the solid ones on the top. That is where inflatable paddle boards come into play. They are quick and easy to blow up into real paddleboards.

Inflatable paddleboards can be kept in the back of any family sedans and other small cars too. Their portability factor is surely the best thing about them. We can see plenty of paddleboard options on Amazon right now. They come in various ranges and with their unique features. Read on to learn about the top sellers and why everyone is buying them. 

Inflatable Boards Vs Traditional Ones

Regular paddle boards can be nuisances sometimes. Usually, they cant be folded up into a smaller, more compact package. So if you don’t have a large enough vehicle to carry it, your chances of getting one are pretty low.

Inflatable paddle boards, on the other hand, tackle this situation perfectly. Some of the models even match up to the durability of the traditional ones. The added portability is pretty sweet.

Without further ado, let’s check out the best inflatable paddleboard. 

Best Inflatable Paddle Board in 2020

Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

First on our list is this paddleboard from Roc. This is an amazing choice for paddle enthusiasts – it’s the best inflatable SUP we have found so far. The board is made from premium materials which are rated military grade. The board even has a wider design compared to others.

The board is perfect for paddling in the saltwater or freshwater lakes. Take it into the ocean if you want to. The comes bundled with many appreciable accessories like the safety leash and the waterproof bag.

best inflatable Paddle Board

For the full review of this one, check out this article.

Great Inflatable Paddle Boards on Amazon

Here are a few other inflatable boards you might fancy checking out. 

1. SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Our next paddleboard is one from SereneLife. The board is perfect for the new paddle-boarding aspirants. The width is the most notable factor of this one. You can easily maneuver the board without much of a hassle. 

Serene Life

The deck of the board is non-slip, so you don’t have to worry about slipping off of it without even hitting the waves. You will also have the required essentials like the air pump and the carrying case.

2. SereneLife Premium Inflatable Paddle Board

Another one from SereneLife! This time it’s the premium Serenelife inflatable paddle board. It’s a fantastic overall paddleboard and its great for all ages. The materials that its made of is rated marine grade, so that’s saying something.

Serene Life Inflatable Paddle Board

The board comes packed with all you will ever need in your paddleboarding trips. They include the oar paddles, the patch repair kit, the safety leash, and the pump.

3. Blue Water Toys Inflatable Paddle Board

Blue Water Toys is a great company for making some of the best paddleboards. The Blue water toys inflatable paddle board is no exception. You can also use this as a kayak if you want to. The entire board is quite light even when fully inflated. This one is child-friendly too so even the kids can ride on it.

The blue guard protection improves the overall quality of the board by quite a lot. You will get all the essentials with the board in the package. Currently unavailable on Amazon.

4. Soopotay Inflatable SUP

Soopotay is one of the well-known brands for making the best paddleboards in the market. The company makes boards with great quality and fantastic designs. This whole Sooptay Inflatable paddleboard is entirely hand-made. You can expect higher durability with this one.

Soopotay Inflatable Paddle Board

The board performs well too with its widened deck. Its width is a total 34′ which is a lot compared to today’s standards. 

5. Soopotay iSUP

Another one from Soopotay – the iSUP. So you can imagine how good of a brand it is to be featured twice in the same article. The board has a less wide deck than the other model. This model is quite stable and easy to maneuver. 

You have all the necessary items with it like the coil leash, the center fin, the waterproof backpack, and the air pump. Soopotay is also well-known for its fabulous aftersales customer support.

6. Goosehill Inflatable Paddle Board

Next on our list is this awesome paddleboard from Goosehill. They have been making these professional boards for quite a while now. The SCE made boards are superior in durability and strength, and this one can withstand quite a lot.

This board comes with all the accessories that you will ever need. You can even order your very own custom design.

7. BIC Sport Inflatable Paddle Board

This one is another top-rated paddleboard by BIC Sport – they have been making these for quite some time, and they do it right. The traction pad of the board has a soft grip so you can use it in any position. 

The triple-layer construction makes the board stiff even though its inflatable. You can expect great comfort while riding this one. The board comes bundled with the pump, a cool looking bag, and the paddle.

8. NIXY Venice Paddle Board

You can easily use this NIXY Venice Paddle Board for water yoga. The board will stay completely still and flat with its added stability. The board is very light in weight, and you won’t even feel it on your back if that’s how you want to carry it. 

The board is quite rigid and can go up to 20PSI pressure. SO you can ride this one even in the challenging weather conditions.

Which is your Favourite Inflatable Paddle Board?

These are the best inflatable paddle boards that you can currently buy. They all come with their unique quirks and features.Which is your favourite inflatable paddle board? I’d love to hear about it below!

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