Paddle Board Paddles

Now, why would we need paddles for surfing while we still have our hands? We paddle board paddles are designed to be light and aerodynamic. They make paddle boarding easier and a lot more fun.

For Paddle Boarding, you will need 3 essential equipment, a Paddleboard, a life jacket, and the device which sets the sports apart, the paddles. Your paddle board is therefore an essential piece of equipment.

The Best Paddle Board Paddles you can Buy Online

To find and choose the right Paddle Board Paddles, and explore your options, check out our recommendations:

1. Attwood Emergency Telescoping Paddle (B07ZJ22XM3) Link

This little Paddle here offers an exciting choice. Most paddles out there are one whole piece or detachable, but not the Attwood Emergency Telescoping Paddle. Just like a telescope, the entire body can be pushed inside to only 20 inches, or you can pull it to a whopping 42 inches. Now, this Paddle is not intended for daily heavy uses, but to keep only with you in case of emergency. No better emergency paddle than this out there.


Can extend from 20 inches to 42 inches.

High Impact plastic blade and Aluminum Pole.

Lightweight, just around 1 pound.

2. BPS Adjustable 2-Piece Alloy SUP (B07DR1KQ8Z) Link

You should choose the BPS 2- Piece Alloy SUP if you are into occasional Paddle Boarding but don’t want to spend too much. This Paddle is suitable for heavy uses but not for long term use. It being of 2 detachable pieces, you can Paddle Board either sitting or standing as you prefer.


Nylon blade and Aluminum Pole.

Adjustable from 71 inches to 84 inches.

12 months guarantee.

3. SUP Supply 3- Piece Adjustable Alloy Paddle (B073MSKLMQ) Link

Let us introduce you to a 3 Piece adjustable paddle. You have guessed it right; the Paddle can be detached into 3 individual pieces. When broken apart, the SUP Supply 3-piece Alloy Paddle’s length is as low as 61 inches, while connected it becomes 85 inches. The Paddle is very durable and affordable.


Nylon Blade and Marine Grade Aluminum pole.

12-month Replacement Guarantee.

Adjustable from 61 inches to 85 inches.

4. Super Paddles 3- Piece Adjustable Carbon Fiber Paddle (B07819255W) Link

We have got the right Paddleboard paddle for you if you are, in fact, looking for an exquisite Paddle Board Paddle that can be a matter of your Pride. The Paddle is durable and made of the highest quality material to last your lifetime. It can be your buddy, accompany you in all your voyages. The Bamboo Veneer alone sets it apart, it looks great, feels great, and is also very expensive.


Pure 12K Carbon Fiber Shaft and Blade with Bamboo Veneer

Adjustable from 72 inches to 86 inches.

12 months replacement Guarantee.

5. BPS 2- Piece Adjustable Carbon Fiber Paddle (B07FN9T27H) Link

BPS is not content by offering you an affordable, occasional use of Paddle. For that very reason, they have developed a superior quality Paddle consisting of Carbon Shaft. This body can stand any torture that comes in its way.


Nylon Blade and Carbon Fiber Shaft.

Dual Concave blade for better speed, drive, and lift.

Adjustable from 71 inches to 84 inches.

6. Own the Wave 2- Piece Alloy Paddle (B07DR8Z24V) Link

Here’s another 2- Piece Paddle for you. The Own the Wave paddle costs a bit more than the BPS one, but it justifies the price with better designs. There are 5 Paddle accents available, the aluminum tube has sweet, beautiful holes for you to adjust the size.


Nylon Blade and Aluminum Tube.

Dual Concave blade for better speed, drive, and lift.

Adjustable from 71 to 84 inches.

7. Abahub 3- Piece Alloy Paddle (B07TJ6PBN1) Link

If you want a better-quality blade with just a little more costing, Abahub 3-Piece Alloy Paddle is for you. This Paddle, when broken apart, comes down to only 34.5”. It has even got a twist cap to lock on the size. They have kept the price moderate by mixing PP with Fiberglass in the blade.


Fiberglass PP Composite Blade and Aluminum Shaft.

No questions asked warranty.

Adjustable from 68 inches to 84 inches.

8. Abahub 3- Piece Carbon Fiber Paddle (B07CYYW334) Link

Abahub knows not everyone is willing to sacrifice quality for the price, well if the price is still within their reach. This Carbon Fiber Paddle offers every function as the alloy one but without any doubt, much superior quality. In this model, not only is the paddle durable, but the body is also robust and sturdy.


Fiberglass Composite Blade and Aluminum Shaft.

“No Questions Asked” warranty.

Adjustable from 67 inches to 86 inches.

9. BPS Adjustable 3- Piece Alloy Paddle (B07DRFWKZZ) Link

Knowing how much convenience matters to you, BPS has also made a 3-piece paddle. Just like the 2-piece ones, it is also durable and can withstand rough uses. The extra perk here is you can enjoy using your beloved Paddle more, as you can carry it with you without breaking a sweat.


Nylon Blade and Aluminum Shaft.

12 months Guarantee.

Adjustable from 71 inches to 84 inches.

10. Solstice 3-Piece Composite Adjustable Paddle (B004PPRHJS) Link

Solstice offers a pretty straightforward deal. This is a 2-piece paddle with the handle adjustable, but not very durable. If you are going for just one- or two-time Paddle boarding with your friends, but not very much into the sports, you can choose this one. The Paddle is very sleek looking and comes at a moderate price.


Composite Blade and Body.

Adjustable from 65 inches to 84 inches.

Paddle Board Paddles – A Final Word

Before choosing the right Paddle to buy, make sure to have a clear understanding of what your need is. While one Paddle Board Paddle is perfect for occasional uses, another might survive an eternity! It is also essential to set your priorities straight, whether you prefer convenience, or budget, or quality! Whatever it is you want, this list can help you find it. 

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