Da Nang Itinerary

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Da Nang is fast coming one of the upcoming places in Vietnam, and being added to many travellers South East Asia itineraries. Located on the east coast of Vietnam, the city has started to become a favourite with many travellers. If you’ve never heard of Da Nang and want a great place which has yet been taken over by tourist, continue reading and enjoy this Da Nang itinerary!

Da Nang Itinerary – How long do I need?

One of the best things about Da Nang is that it is a city by the beach! You’ll probably want to spend around 3-4 days exploring the city. But also make sure you give yourself plenty of time to relax and soak up the rays. 

Dragon Bridge

One of the most popular places to see in Da Nang is the Dragon Bridge. Due to the bridge going over the river, it means you can view the bridge in many different ways. One of the best ways is to see the bridge via kayak! A good start point is from the Dragon Bridge, roam down to the bridge crossing Han River, and on the way back you’ll see the sun setting with the Dragon’s Bridge in the background. If you’re anything like me, you’ll love the photographs you can get out of the sunset. 

Dragon Bridge Da Nang
Da Nang Itinerary – Dragon Bridge

The weekend nights here are the best. During the night, the dragon bridge also spits fire every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm. The experience is second to none, and you won’t see anything quite like it anywhere in the world!

Lady Buddha

Another top thing to do in Dan Nang is visiting the Lady Buddha. From the beach, you will be able to see a very tall, white statue in the distance. The Buddha is 67m high and is part of the Son Tra Linh Ungh Pagoda complex, which is an absolute majestic place to visit. 

The Lady Buddha is supposed to guard the shore of Da Nang and look after the local fisherman. During your visit, you’ll be able to learn about the history of the Buddha and what it means to the local people. However, please don’t take a guided tour; it’s a waste of money and not needed!

Lady Buddha Da Nang

Cham Islands

Easily, one of the most beautiful places you can visit in the area. If you want to explore coral reefs and see an abundance of colourful fish, then take a trip to Cham Islands. The island is only an hour by ferry from Da Nang. It makes for an incredibly fun day trip! 

If you’ve ever seen any photos of Cham Island, you will just how beautiful it is. The island is full of golden sand, turquoise blue seas and stunning rock formations. However, the island isn’t the easiest to get to by yourself. You will have to make sure you are at the marina early in the morning and hope that the boats have some spaces. 

Alternatively, you can organise a trip through Da Nang Visitor Centre, where you can also book other excursions such as snorkelling.

Road Trips: Hai Van Pass & Son Tra Peninsula 

Another reason why visiting Da Nang should be a big must is because it does offer a lot of geographically! There are plenty of places to explore around Da Nang. If you are brave enough to rent a motorbike, then you can take a great trip to the Hai Van Pass. One of the best times to go is out of tourist season. The road will be completely deserted meaning you’ll have the view and the trail all to yourself. The views are spectacular, and ones you cannot afford to miss. 

The Son Tra Peninsula can and should also be explored via motorbike. The peninsula offers some stunning views of the sea, city and mountains. One of the cool things about the peninsula is that you’ll be able to stop and see many different things along the way like statues, Lady Buddha and the jungle!

Marble Mountains

Marble Mountains is an impressive cluster of hills, made out of limestone and marble. The site is a pilgrimage retreat full of caves, temples, tunnels and peaks. From afar, the place looks quite small and compact and not much to see. However, as you get closer, you realise just how vital and vast the area is!

Non-Nuoc village, famous for its stone carvings, lays at the foot of the mountains. Here you can visit any workshop and watch the skilful artists at work. 

The mouth of the Am Phu Cave looms from the base of the mountain. A stone bridge leads visitors over a pond from which carved hands beg for rescue and help. The cave symbolises nine floors of Buddhist hell. 

There is a lot of other pagoda’s and Buddhist symbols dotted around the mountain, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time to visit them all!

Temple Marble Mountain, Da Nang
Linh Ung Pagoda, Marble Mountain, Vietnam


It’s great to finish your Da Nang itinerary on a high. If you’re looking to party, then Da Nang will certainly not let you down! Don’t miss Sky 36, where you can admire the illuminated city at night. One of the most popular and must go to clubs in Da Nang is Golden Pine. The club is trendy among young Vietnamese and local ex-pats. It’s a loud party that lasts until dawn. Drinks are quite cheap, but the music might not be to everyone’s taste.

Da Nang is a city that is becoming a lot more modern and important on the South East Asia tour. Hopefully, you will have been able to see that Da Nang has a vast amount of activities for travellers to see. Personally, my favourite is the Cham Islands as the Islands are incredibly chill, beautiful and make for a great relaxing spot. You can also stay on the island more than one day if you wanted to. However, do make sure you’ve given yourself enough time to explore Da Nang properly!

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