What Diving Gear do I need?

Exploring the world beneath us gives us enough of a reason to try diving into the deep and observe the dynamic marine life. Even if you consider diving as a hobby, and not a job, there are certain things you must know to obtain the electrifying experience.  

Before you decide to tour the world below, you must have training and certification which might take a couple of months. Once you are skilled you can choose to turn your diving experience enjoyable by taking a diving partner with you. Lastly, you would require certain diving gear that you cannot do without underwater.

Must-Have Diving Gear

1. Wetsuit

When you’re underwater, you must shield your skin and keep yourself warm. Even though a wetsuit could be quite troublesome to carry, you shouldn’t dive into the water without one. The insides of a wetsuit help to lock a thin layer of water alongside your skin while the external surface helps to glide through the water easily. 

O’Neill Wetsuit (B00CAHMFY0)

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Here’s a wetsuit from O’Neill that will enhance your diving experience to a great extent due to its high-quality. It will keep you warm in the coldest temperatures underwater even for hours. Moreover, the design is sleek and stylish which will make you stand out before and after your diving sessions. 


  • Made of 100% Ultra-flex neoprene
  • Blind-stitched seams 
  • Stretchable due to Lumbar Seamless Design
  • Covert black-out zipper
  • Double-seal neck closure

2. Diving Mask

Human eyes cannot function the same way underwater therefore you require a diving mask so you can absorb the incredible view. It’s important to purchase one that fits you the best while ensuring maximum visibility. But a diving mask is an essential piece of diving gear that you cannot be without.

Phantom Aquatics Panoramic Dive Mask (B00TOYT6I0)

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Here’s an affordable dive mask from Phantom Aquatics that has a tri-window design which will help you to achieve a panoramic vision underwater. Besides, it’s extremely comfortable on the face due to the feathered edges. 


  • Flexible buckle attachment that supports any facial movement
  • Quick strap adjustments ensured by a push-button buckle
  • Great sealing
  • Lightweight design

3. Buoyancy Compensator 

This prevents you from floating up to the surface or sinking deep into the sea. When you’re underwater, you can add air to the gear’s internal bladder to rise from a certain depth, or you can release air to go deeper.  

Cressi Jacket Style BCD (B003C36AHY)

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Here’s a buoyancy compensator that has a bullet-proof construction ensured with 500 Denier on the inside and 1000 Denier on the outside, which makes it more resistant to erosion. The BCD from Cressi is ideal for beginners as well since it’s lightweight and highly comfortable. 


  • A double air filtration system in the inflator
  • Ultra-durable thermoplastic on the back-plate
  • Three exhaust valves
  • Octopus holder and gauge holder
  • 2 large pockets with Velcro closure

4. Diving Gloves

Scuba diving gloves are essential since they provide you protection from cold temperatures, sharp objects, poisonous tiny creatures, and more. Also, it helps you to move tools underwater easily.

OMGear Neoprene Diving Gloves (B07DDF8JFH)

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Here is a pair of diving gloves that are extremely soft and durable, with four-way stretchable nylon that ensures flexibility. Also, it ensures extreme fitting due to the ergonomic design.


  • Anti-slip palm due to rubber printing
  • Durable elastic strap on the wrist
  • Heat-resistant
  • Glued and stitched seams

5. Fins

Fins are essential to control your movement underwater as they help to adjust speed as you glide through. The design helps to increase the surface area which, in turn, helps you to move quickly and efficiently. 

CAPAS Snorkel Fins (B073QHSF65)

These fins from CAPAS come in a humanized blade design with a sturdy and flexible sole. Also, you can travel with them easily as the short blades can be packed into a small space conveniently.

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  • Made of high-quality material with soft foot pocket
  • Easy to put on and adjust
  • Soft heel straps
  • Compact and Lightweight

6. Diving Socks 

Diving socks are essential when you wear fins for a long time underwater since without them you’ll end up having sore heel and feet. While purchasing one, it’s important to focus on the thickness of the diving socks and make sure that they will fit comfortably when you wear a pair of fins.

Deep See Lycra Fin Socks (B0026PHGRC)

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These diving socks from Deep See are made of thick Lycra that helps to prevent injuries or blisters when you’re underwater even for a long period. Moreover, they are extremely comfortable.


  • Lightweight and seamless
  • Made of premium quality Lycra
  • Soft and stretchy 
  • One size to fit every foot size

7. Diving Watch

A diving watch is important to keep track of time, which is very easy to lose when you’re exploring the deep sea. It keeps you on a check and reminds you when you’re supposed to get back to the surface.

Casio- Analog Sport Watch (B005JVP0LE)

This sports watch from Casio has large indexes that allow easy visibility underwater. The sleek and stylish watch provides at-a-glance information which is crucial in deep waters. Also, the easy-to-use and durable watch is affordable as well.

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  • 100 meter water-resistant
  • Resin case with mineral dial window
  • Rotating Bezel
  • Date and time display 
  • Buckle closure for a secure wear


There’s no doubt that if you’re passionate about diving, you must love the water and be ready to face the most peculiar sealife as well. It’s very common to feel afraid in the beginning. But that will start to fade as you continue to learn more and more about what the world underneath has got in store for you. That being said, you must make sure you have all the necessary diving gear before you jump in.

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