Best Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

Yoga mats made out of PVC have been around since forever. But if you are looking for eco-friendly ones, you might already know why these have got to go. PVC mats may be quite affordable, but they aren’t biodegradable. So that’s just more plastic for fish to choke on.

Thankfully, many people are going for eco-friendly choices now. The green versions of yoga mats are available all over the place. These mats are good for the environment. With global warming on the inevitable rise, we know how important going green has become. 

That is why we’ve brought the best eco-friendly yoga mats for you to choose from. 

What to look for in an eco-friendly yoga mat?

Eco-friendly yoga mats are generally made from natural components that are pretty much biodegradable. They don’t contain plastic, which is fabulous for mother nature. 

Look out for how environmentally friendly your mat is. Make sure the mat you are buying is made from natural materials. You should also keep an eye out for comfort. You wouldn’t want to strike a firefly pose on it if you don’t find it comfortable.

Make sure the mat has proper grip and sticks to the floor. If not, you might have to visit the doctor for much more than your regular checkup. Ensure that the mat is durable and will last you a long time too.

What Materials are they made from?

Almost all the brands that have been in the business for eco yoga mats are using the same materials more or less. The common components include natural rubber. Some companies also incorporate cork or jute into their mats. The processing doesn’t include any plastic. So rest assured. 

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What is the Best Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat?

Without further ado, let’s move on to the best eco yoga mats.

1. Gruper TPE Yoga Mat

The first one on our list is this TPE mat from Gruper. The company has quite a reputation for making some of the best eco-friendly yoga mats. This one is great for Pilates too. 

The materials used in this one are TPE or thermoplastic elastomer. This allows the mat to be extra soft. The material is fully recycled, so it’s completely eco-friendly. 

2. TOPLUS Yoga Mat

This one is quite new to the market, but it surely has caught everyone by surprise. This Toplus Yoga mat has a non-slip texture, so you don’t have to worry about accidental slips. 

The mat’s made out of TPE, which is a completely recycled material. So this is surely an ecofriendly yoga mat. The material does, however, increase the production cost a little bit.

3. IUGA Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

Our third entry is this IUGA eco-friendly yoga mat for the environment-conscious yogis. You will find this one available in a handful of colors – you get a lot of options.

The mat is completely made from a thermoplastic elastomer. The recycled material is advantageous compared to traditional PVC mats. The ecofriendly mat is also non-slip, so it won’t cause any accidental slips.

4. Gaiam Cork Yoga Mat

This is the first mat on the list, which has any material other than TPE. This yoga mat from Gaiam is a fabulous choice for everyone who loves yoga and cares about the environment. 

The non-toxic mat is biodegradable, so mother nature gets all the more love. You can use both sides of this mat. One of the sides is the natural rubber, and the other one is cork.

5. Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

This mat from Manduka is a premium yoga mat. You might take a step back after hearing the price, but it surely comes with its benefits. 

The mat is made from eco-friendly material. The production has a zero chemical process. Other than that, the mat has a perfect grip. You can easily strike your downward-facing dog on this one.

6. HealthyYoga Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

The Heathy Yoga Eco-friendly yoga mat is made from TPE, so it might cost more than traditional mats. But trust us, this one is definitely worth the experience. HealthyYoga has a name for making great yoga mats, and this one is no exception. 

The mat has zero latex or plastic in it, so it is easily biodegradable. This one will undoubtedly last you longer than the cheaper PVC and NBR mats. The TPE material will ensure it is completely natural.

7. Lottus Life Natural Jute Mat

The unique colors and the designs are what this line of yoga mats are known for. But you will be surprised to know that this mat is made from jute. The materials used in the production of these Lotus Life Natural Jute mats have no plastic.

The matte is only 8mm thick and is super comfortable to work out on. The jute fibers will give you a premium feeling when you hold it. The comfort of the mat is also unmatched. This is a pretty fine overall mat to get your Pilates and yoga lessons done.

8. HealthyYoga Eco-Friendly Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Another one from HealthyYoga. So you should know by now how good their yoga mats are to be featured twice in the list. This one from the company has a slightly lower price tag for those who will prefer it. This Eco-friendly non-slip yoga mat is just 6mm, which is the perfect thickness.

Like the other eco-friendly yoga mats, this one is also made from TPE material, so zero plastic. The natural rubber allows it to be biodegradable and environmentally friendly. This will last you longer than the plastic yoga mats with its awesome durability. 

Eco-Yoga Mats are on the rise!

It’s wonderful to see people caring about ecofriendly products. PVC mats have been around for pretty long, and some people still buy them because of the lower prices. But the prices of these eco-friendly yoga mats are also dropping as the demand is rising. You won’t be disappointed with any one of these.

What about you? What eco-friendly yoga mat do you have or want?

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