Which is the Best Yoga Retreat Asia

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If you’re looking for a good Yoga retreat Asia has some fantastic options. The most popular destinations for Yoga in Asia include Ubud (Bali), Chiang Mai (Thailand) and Goa (India). We’ve done the research so you don’t have to – here are our top choices for the best Asia based Yoga retreats…


An excellent destination to join a yoga retreat in Asia is the beautiful Malaysia. Located just North of the Equator, the heat and humidity of Malaysia is perfect for sweating it out whilst the stunning nature makes for breathtaking backdrops. In recent years, Malaysia has seen a huge rise in the offerings of yoga retreats. 

An amazing location to connect with both yourself and Mother Nature, Malaysia offers yoga sessions and retreats for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or expert, local or tourist and whatever your speciality, Malaysia has an offering for  you. 

With such a wide assortment of yoga retreats on offer in Malaysia, it can be hard to find the best and choose the right one for you. We’ve narrowed it down for you with the 7 best yoga retreats in Malaysia.You could enjoy a rejuventating experience on the 7 Day Freedom Blaze Yoga Retreat by 9 Huts on a Hill with a focus on relaxation and a rejuvenating experience. Alternatively, if you fancy seeing the country, the Borneo Road Trails Yoga Holiday is perfect for enjoying daily yoga with changing landscapes as you travel. One thing is for sure though, no matter which retreat you pick, the destination will offer endless views and relaxation.

Yoga Retreat Asia


As one of the most popular back-packing destinations in the world, Thailand is a place where many tourists enjoy some down time and discover who they truly are. With a huge yoga community and a popular base for people to train to teach, Thailand has a large offering of yoga retreats available across the country. 

Whilst a lot of the smaller islands offer relaxing and tranquil spots for yoga practice, one of the most popular corners in Thailand for retreats is on the mainland in the moutainous city of Chiang Mai. 

From luxury retreats to budget options, Chiang Mai has got it all. My favourite yoga retreat Chiang Mai has to offer is the Suan Sati in the Mae Wang District which has five star reviews across Google, Facebook and Tripadvisor. It’s by far my favourite yoga retreat Asia has to offer. The retreat is perfect for focusing on connection and alignment whilst you are surrounded by the picturesque rice fields of the area. 

Thai yoga retreats are famous all over the world for their ability to soothe the soul and Thailand is one of the top destinations for yogis. If you are interested in exploring your yoga options, check out which yoga retreat in Chiang Mai you should choose.


India is a dream destination for many yogis and the country is rich in yogic history. The history of yoga in India goes all the way back to 5000BC and the practice has incredibly strong roots in the country. Indian yoga has a huge focus on meditation, breathing and cleansing techniques alongside some mantra chanting and traditional asana flows.

Yoga Retreat Asia Himalayas
Yoga retreat Asia – Yoga in the Himalayas

India is a great place for yoga retreats for beginners with an offering of affordable retreats and wide selection of ashrams. With India being such a large country, it can be difficult to narrow down your location and retreat. Whilst there are many incredible places to practice yoga in India, Goa is one of the best. Even though the state of Goa can be very busy and hectic, the beaches offer a relaxing and idyllic spot to flow.

Little Cove Yoga Holiday Retreat is one of the most popular retreats in Goa. Yoga classes are offered daily on the beachfront and you can also take complimentary cooking classes. Alternatively, in the South of Goa, you will find retreats such as Bamboo Yoga Retreat which offers both yoga holidays and more intensive yoga retreats, both with flexible classes.


A land of staggering natural beauty, Vietnam is home to exotic corners, dynamic megacities and hill-tribe villages. The Vietnamese culture is incredibly rich, complex and diverse and this translates into the experiences you can find in the country. There are unforgettable experiences to be had all over Vietnam and some of those experiences are yogic based. 

If you’re looking for the perfect place to unplug and find your inner peace, you will find it in Vietnam with so many tranquil spaces to choose from. From the dramatic coastline of Vietnam’s Vinh Hy Bay to the foot of the Truong Son Mountains, there are beautiful locations dotted across Vietnam which are perfect spots to enjoy a yoga retreat.

For a retreat bursting with energy, the Return to the Source retreat at Alba Wellness Valley is the place to heal and discover. The healing qualities of the Thanh Tan natural hot springs close to the retreat base enhance the holistic experience. Alternatively, the Inner Child Retreat by Gratitude Vietnam nurtures your mind, body and soul by reconnecting with your inner child. This allows deep emotional healing and rediscovery of the joy of life.

With such a rich history and culture, you can expect wonderful things from Vietnamese yoga retreats.


The kingdom of yoga retreats in Asia is definitely Indonesia. With Bali being the top location in the world for yoga, Indonesia claims the rightful throne. Thanks to the country’s long history of Buddhist and Hindu spirituality, yoga and mediation are an integral part of Indonesian culture. The spiritual destination is the perfect place for relaxation, rejuvenation and reconnection and Bali ticks all the boxes. With breathtaking beaches and jaw-dropping jungles, the scenic views on offer play an amazing role in yogic journeys. 

Situated amongst the rice paddies of Ubud, Bali is an 8 Day Wellness Retreat at Firefly Resort which offers morning yoga sessions and relaxing afternoons to explore. The retreat aims to help you find the balance between body and mind through personal exploration and development. However, in Canguu, MindSpo Mansion hosts incredible Self Love Retreats located in a tranquil paradise whilst guiding you through an empowering week of yoga, meditation and workshops.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog on the best Yoga retreat in Asia. But that’s not all! There are so many options for retreats within Bali, the King of yoga. To help you out, we’ve narrowed it down to the 7 best retreats in Bali which is worth checking out!

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