What to Wear Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding can be classed as a derivative of surfing. Participants move through the water while using their arm in a swimming-like motion while lying down or kneeling on their paddle board or a surfboard. There is also a newer version of paddle boarding called stand up paddle boarding which is shortened to the acronym SUP – this can also be called stand up paddle surfing.

If you want to experience paddle boarding for yourself, it’s important to know what clothing is suitable for the activity and to know when this clothing can change depending on factors such as temperature, weather and geographical location. For example, if you are paddle boarding during hot weather, you are best to wear some board shorts, a t-shirt and possibly some kind of hat. On the other hand, during colder weather, it is suggested that you wear some kind base layer or even a wet suit or dive suit to keep yourself warmer Another great suggestion is neoprene paddle boarding shoes are these shoes provide extra thermal comfort for their wearer.

What to wear Paddle Boarding in Cold Weather

First, let’s go into more depth about what to wear during colder weather. If you are out paddle boarding during the winter months are even simply on a particularly cold day, it is very important you keep warm to the best of your ability. Another important factor when choosing appropriate clothing is the type of paddle boarding you are doing. For example, an excellent way to keep warm when doing SUP is a wetsuit as this will give you extra protection if you fall into the cold water. However, wetsuits are designed to be used in the water so, if you are only lying down or kneeling on your board, a wetsuit could be quite uncomfortable and lead to you sweating. For those who are lying down or kneeling, it is suggested you wear as many layers as possible. Examples of these include long johns or neoprene leggings, a neoprene jacket, neoprene gloves and a thermal top.

What to wear Paddle Boarding in Warmer Weather

Likewise, there are great suggestions for clothing if you are paddle boarding during warmer weather. For those who are doing stand up paddle boarding, you can wear a lighter wetsuit or even a pair of board shorts. However, board shorts are only really recommended if you are paddle boarding in a reasonably warm area as, even with hot weather, the water itself can be still rather cold. For those who are lying down or kneeling or their boards, there are also a few recommendations. For example, you can wear neoprene leggings, thermal or quick dry tops and, if the weather is slightly colder, you can also wear a neoprene jacket or even just a hoodie. In addition, in regards to footwear, it is suggested that you wear SUP shoes however, in the warm weather, you may be able to paddle board in your bare feet.

Footwear for Paddle Boarding

Your choice of footwear is very important when doing any sort of paddle board activity. When paddle boarding, it is not recommended that you wear outdoor shoes with grips, such as trainers, as small stones and pebbles can often get wedged in the grips on the shoes. This can result in your board being scratched and damaged. Also, it is not advised that you wear any shoes with considerable weight. This is because you can potentially lose your balance and fall off of your board into the water. If this were to happen while you were wearing heavier shoes then it could become difficult for you to get out of the water.

Best Products for Paddle Boarding

Without any further ado, let’s get on to some of the best products for paddle boarding!

Board Shorts

First, there is the Polynesia 4-way Stretch Boardshort which is made by CIRE Boardshorts. These board shorts, which can be purchased on Amazon for just under £30, are made of 4-way stretch material meaning the wearers movements won’t be restricted. Also, this pair of board shorts has two side pockets with zips that allow for storage of important, waterproof items. This is a comfortable pair of board shorts and are a great purchase for paddle boarding activities during the warmer weather.

what to wear paddle boarding

Paddleboarding T-Shirt

Next, there is a Peace Love and Paddleboarding t-shirt which is manufactured by On Yellow. This t-shirt has a double-needle neck, hem and sleeves and is made of 90% cotton. The design on the front of it reads ‘Peace Love & Paddleboarding’ so this is a perfect piece of clothing for fans of the activity and would make an excellent gift. The t-shirt shouldn’t shrink in the wash and so can be used for a reasonable amount of time after your purchase. The t-shirt can be purchased on Amazon for just under £15.

Paddleboarding T Shirt

Bucket Hat

Also, you may be interested in the Bucket Hat for Stand Up Paddle Surf. This hat, which is made by AirSUP and available on Amazon for just over £18, comes with a chin strap so you can adjust its size meaning it is certain to fit. Also, it is made up of polyester dark fabric meaning it will dry reasonably quickly as well as provide you with excellent protection from the sun. In addition, a great feature of this hat is that it has vents which will keep your head nice and cool when you are wearing it.

Lastly, there is the Premium Full Sleeve Neoprene Wetsuit made by ZCCO which can be purchased on Amazon for just over £51. The wetsuit is made up of nylon, neoprene and spandex meaning it will keep you dry as well as be comfortable and restrict your movements. There is also smooth skin neoprene used at the collar, arms and legs of the wetsuit to ensure it sticks to skin allowing less water to get in. This wetsuit is perfect when paddle boarding in cold weather.

In conclusion, paddle boarding can be a very enjoyable and relaxing activity. However, when doing it, you need to think carefully about the time year, weather and general temperature so you can make sure you dress appropriately. Thankfully, there are plenty of options for you in regards to clothing items depending on the changeable factors. These clothing items are certain to help you enjoy your paddle board activity even more!

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