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Paddle boarding can be classed as a derivative of surfing. Participants move through the water while using their arm in a swimming-like motion while lying down or kneeling on their paddle board or a surfboard. There is also a newer version of paddle boarding called stand up paddle boarding which is shortened to the acronym SUP – this can also be called stand up paddle surfing. So, join me on my quest for the best red paddle board!

There are many different brands of paddle board with some of the most popular brands being Surftech and Body Glove. Of course, as expected, if you want to go for one of these more popular brands then it will be more expensive but, if you are taking the activity seriously, you will be making a worthwhile purchase. While cheaper paddle boards can often look great, you will find that as a result of cheap material and a low quality manufacturing process, cheaper paddle boards won’t last as long nor will they be as effective as the better brands.

It would be best to split this into 3 different areas – beginners, intermediate and expert. This is because, if you are new to paddle boarding, you won’t want to have a board designed for more experienced paddle boarders as you will be unlikely to use it to its full potential. In general, it’s important to find the best board for you and choose one you will be most comfortable with. The majority of SUP boards are around 10 to 11 feet long and about 32 to 34 inches in width. You are able to get a paddle board with more width than this however these are often a lot slower and more sluggish in the water. In regards to the ideal length for you board, most paddle boarders add about 10 inches on to their own height. You should also consider your weight as well as the area, or areas, in which you plan to do the activity.

So, what are some of the best red paddle boards?

First there is the 10 foot Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board which is made by Wavey Board. This particular paddle board has extra width, 30 inches, so it is easier for you to balance on it while using it. When purchasing this paddle board on Amazon, which will cost you a total of just over £343, you will also get many useful items such as a removable travel fin, a backpack, an ankle leash, a backpack and other useful tools such as wrenches. Also, you will receive a high pressure double-action pump which will be able to inflate your paddle board 15 psi in only 5 minutes.This paddle board has a 2 year warranty meaning it is sure to last for a reasonable amount of time. The height of the board is 10 foot and the recommended weight limit is 250 lbs.

Next, there is an Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board which is manufactured by Feath-R-Light This paddle board can be purchased on Amazon for around £362 and comes with an adjustable aluminium paddle, a high pressure pump, a backpack, a coil leash, 3 removable fins and a waterproof bag. This paddle board is very durable as it also has an extra PVC layer with board rails giving it some extra strength and durability. It has a total width of 34 inches, a height of 11 foot and six inches and a recommended weight limit of 350 lbs. In addition, this paddle board has a 1 year warranty and is designed to be suitable for all skill levels and conditions. P

Also, you may be interested in the Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board which has been created by Awesafe. This paddle board is made of high quality material and has a non-slip deck which will improve your balance and stability when using it. Awesafe’s paddle board is 10 foot long, 32 inches wide and has a recommended weight limit of 310 lbs. Furthermore, this paddle board can be used by someone of any skill level. The board will cost a total of just under £452 and also comes with a detachable fin, an alloy adjustable paddle, a waterproof bag, a safety leash, a manual air pump and a backpack. The board also has a 1 year warranty. /

Perhaps you would like the Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board from Conwy Kayak. This paddle board is slightly cheaper than the rest and can be purchased on Amazon for £269. The rounded shape of this board means that it is a perfect choice for all skill levels. The total length of the paddle board is 10 foot 6 inches. The paddle board is advertised as having great durability due to a 1.5 mm layer of PVC fabric. With your purchase, as well as receiving the board itself, you will also get a hand pump, a paddle, a safety leash, a detachable fin and a carry case as well as a repair case if necessary.

Lastly, there is the Compact Travel Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board manufactured by Nixy which can be purchased on Amazon for £755. This paddle board is 9 foot and 6 inches long and has a width of 32 inches. Your purchase will also include a fiberglass adjustable paddle, detachable fins, a hybrid coiled leash, a dual chamber triple-action hand pump, a repair kit, a backpack and a shoulder strap. This board also comes with a 2 year warranty so should last you a long time.

So, to conclude, there are many great red paddle boards out there to choose from! It is obvious that paddle boarding can be an expensive hobby so you should think seriously before making any purchases but all of these paddle boards are excellent value for money and also come with some fantastic accessories to aid you in your paddle boarding adventures! For more information on paddle boards and a look at some, very necessary, paddles, follow this link

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