Best Hostels in Phuket

Phuket is a great island full of nightlife, beaches and culture. If you are travelling on a budget, you will surely want to know about the best hostels in Phuket. The great news is that it’s extremely cheap to stay overnight in a dorm – you can still book a dorm room there for less than £10.

The Luna Hostel Phuket Airport is the epitome of convenient locations. This hostel is the best accommodation near Phuket’s Airport, giving travelers the opportunity of staying at an ideal location with the benefit of many free perks such as Wi-Fi, parking, a free of access communal kitchen and computer rooms, free breakfast, and some included amenities. The Luna Hostel proposes six different types of rooms that vary in gender exclusivity, size and privacy to properly meet the needs and requirements of every guest. This joyful hostel is decorated with vintage style and houses any type of traveler inclusively and comfortably for a uniquely extraordinary stress-free experience.

Vitamin Sea is the best bet for a solo traveler who visits Phuket to explore and absorb as much as the culture as they can without jeopardizing their pleasure and comfort. This 15 room sea themed hostel proposes a variety of accommodations with free Wi-Fi, climate control, free parking, an individual safe, breakfast included, free toiletries and other travel friendly appliances included. Vitamin Sea is located in a culturally enriched mecha where every place you look has a new corner to explore; amidst 10+ attractions within walking distance and many different restaurants that offer western gastronomy in addition to the local menu. If you wish to explore Phuket and experience the culture on your own two feet, come check Vitamin Sea out and Sea it for yourself!

Sleepy Station is a family friendly hostel that best describes a dreamy beach location. If you’re looking for a place to stay that isn’t too far from the beautiful Southeast Asian beaches, Sleepy Station is the place you want to go. The fascinating graffiti art decorating the walls of the hostel give it a touch of character while still maintaining its dreamy beachy essence. Sleepy Station doesn’t only provide a place to crash at night, but it also offers around the clock fitness facilities, a bar and lounge area and a restaurant. Guests can pick and choose their room the way they want to and enjoy a Sleepy Station while experiencing the beaches of Phuket to their full extent!

White Wall Poshtel is a family friendly,photo-ready hostel that provides the travelers with facilities that look like they’ve been pulled out of a Hollywood movie while keeping its Southeast Asian roots and authenticity. It’s timeless modern style appeals travelers of every country in a uniting way, offering comfortability and functionality in every room. Strategically located in Mueng, Phuket, the White Wall Poshtel is surrounded by many attractions that are appealing and help the travelers immerse themselves into the culture and learn about it. This hostel also features a shared kitchen, an outdoor garden where guests can relax and a pool table which they can use whenever they like.

Pause Kahtu is a great hostel for lovers and couples. This hipster hostel invites you to make a pause, to take a break, to relax and to introduce you to a completely new, refreshing experience during your stay in Pause Kahtu and go through your travels as calmly and mindfully as you can. Carefully placed in the best part of Khatu, their intercultural and international services are high quality and inclusive, delivering a new twist of run of the mill hostel, Pause is a place of clean cut lines, minimalism and great style. Pick the room that suites you best according to your preferences and pause here in Pause Kahtu.

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