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I love to be active when I’m travelling, but after a tough few days of hiking or exploring, there’s nothing like a good relax on the beach. This beach list will make a great check list for your relaxing beach day….


Sunglass are essential to protect your eyes from the suns rays. Be sure to pick shades that offer 100% UV protection from both UVA and UVB rays. If you wear glasses I would certainly recommend some prescription sunglasses. For years I couldn’t read properly with my sunglasses on – then when I had my prescription sunglasses for the first time it was amazing!

Flip Flops and Aqua Shoes

Getting the right footwear is essential for the beach. Flip flops can easily be slipped on and off and will protect your feet from hot sand. Aqua shoes are great for protecting your feet from hard stones and sea creatures that may be lurking around near the bottom.

beach list aqua shoes

Goggles or Snorkelling Equipment

Thre are many opportunities for snorkelling in Southeast Asia and so don’t miss the fish because you are un-prepared! Goggles are great if you are going for a short swim and ok holding your breathe. You can pick up a full face snorkel set for around just $20-30 these days. You can read more about the best snorkels.

snorkel face mask

Two Towels

When hitting up the beach a mistake that is oh too common is just bringing one towel. You get your towel out and lie it on the sandy ground, then when you come to drying yourself you’re covered head to toe in sand. This itches at your skin, sensitive from the cold salty sea. Pro beach goers know that you need one towel for drying, kept completely sand free and one other towel or mat to lie on. If you have enough space in your bag, you should take an extra-large towel or as they’re sometimes called, a bath sheet. You can wrap this huge towel around your body and warm up 10 times faster. If you are tight on space, a microfiber towel does the job and packs up so small!

SPF Suncream

It goes without saying but you really mustn’t forget SPF sun cream. The sun is the number one cause of skin damage and it is never worth burning as this will cause ageing and increase your risk of skin cancer. Protect your skin with strong SPF and remember to reapply after hitting the water.


Sarong or Beach Shawl

Beach shawls or wraps and hats are also important to protect your skin. Your shoulders and the top of your head face the strong midday sun and will be vulnerable to its harsh rays. Even packing a thin layer of protection will help ensure you can stay out at the beach all day without being burned by the sun. I love this Batik print Sarong available on Amazon.

beach list sarong

Volleyball or Frisbee

One thing you should never forget on your beach packing list is a volleyball, frisbee or bat and ball. Having something to throw and catch means you can rise from your towel and do something active. If you meet another group of travellers, you can invite them to play and before you know it you’ll be in a volleyball league with your new best friends. Most balls float, but this should be a priority so you can also play in the sea and (fingers crossed) not lose the ball!

beach frisbee


Going to the beach in a group is amazing but you may want to go to relax by yourself. In that case, pack a book, some headphones, maybe a notebook and pen so you can stay entertained.

Waterproof Phone Case or Pack

It might also be a good idea to keep a waterproof phone case to put your money and phone in if you want to go swimming so you don’t need to worry about leaving them on the side.

waterproof phone case

Clock the Food Places!!!!

This one is less about what to pack and more about what to plan for… You should always scout out where the nearest shops are. If you get hungry or want to buy a round of beers for your friends, you’ll want to know the easiest way to do this. If there isn’t a nearby shop, bring snacks and beers with you before arriving at the beach. Not only is this excellent preparation, but you’ll be the most popular person there!

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