The Best Beach Sarong Skirt

Today’s fashion is all about versatile and multipurpose clothing items, especially when it comes to outwear or beachwear. People want items that can be used in many different ways, such as towels, cover-ups, scarves, skirts, or more. For the beach, that usually means something like a sarong skirt, a fashion forward and stylish piece of material that can be styled in many different ways. A fashion blast from the past, sarong skirts have come back into style from major fashion houses as wrap skirts and tops, towels and scarves, headwraps and more. In terms of beach style, you can’t do better than a beach sarong.

When looking for the perfect beach sarong, you want a durable material that can stand up to sand and salt water without unraveling or fading. Look for a comfortable and washable material in neutral colors that will go with most swim tops, though you can comfortably make a statement in more exciting patterns or fringes if you’re looking to make a big impact on the beach. Experiment with silhouettes and ties to help class up your swimsuit and use it to turn any swimsuit into shopping or restaurant appropriate wear by creating a skirt, top, or dress in moments. From simple to fashion forward, here are some of our favorite beach sarong skirts that are a must-have item for the beach.

Eicolorte Beach Sarong

This breezy and fashionable beach sarong is the pinnacle of beach fashion. Designed with fun tassels and available in many different colors and patterns, the Eilocolorte Beach Sarong is made of breathable, soft polyester material that’s high quality and can withstand all kinds of beach wear. Each sarong is handmade with detailed fringe tassels for a fun and bohemian take on your desert wear and perfect for tying around your waist or top. You can use it as a cover up, blanket, skirt, dress, shawl, or head scarf, and the comfortable size means it fits most people well. 

LIENRIDY Swimsuit Wrap Sarong

Take fashion forward beach sarongs to a new level with these elegant long wrap skirts that tie perfectly around your waist for glamorous beach fashion. Available in small to 3XL sizes, this is one of the most size inclusive coverups on the market, and comes in a variety of lengths, sizes, and prints for versatile style and selection. This silky smooth fabric is chiffon and polyester for durable long lasting wear and can be worn in many different ways for a high fashion, fusion look.

Block Garden Women’s Sarong

Short and sweet, this silky chiffon see-through sarong is perfect for making a strong fashion statement with your swimsuit wear and is also the definition of versatility. Tie it fashionably around your waist or use it as a towel, head scarf, or regular scarf or shawl. Available in popular and fashionable patterns such as leopard and tropical, you can use these in many different situations besides the beach for a fun fashionable look. Affordable and versatile, you’ll love all the options that are available to you with the Block Garden sarong!

Newchoice Women’s Boho Sarong

Breathable, sexy, and versatile, the fabric is 100% polyester and made of soft, comfortable, and flowing lightweight fabric. The skirt is made to wrap comfortably around several different sizes of women thanks to an included size range. These skirts can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and provides an elegant touch to your beach look in seconds. Able to be tied in multiple ways, this is a perfectly versatile sarong available in several fun patterns and colors that are exciting and fresh.

Hannah Nikole Plus Size Sarong Coverup

Beach sarongs don’t have to be just for smaller or more petite sizes. This lovely Hannah Nikole cover-up is made in a larger than usual size to help all sizes of women enjoy elegant and stylish beach cover-ups. Made of chiffon and lightweight and comfortable to wear, you can enjoy cooling and fashionable relief at all times with this cover up for the beach or anywhere else. Able to be worn as a shawl, dress, blanket, or short wrap skirt, this fashion accessory is available in five different colors and the perfect accessory for your beach look no matter what size you are.

Manioiity Women’s Chiffon Beach Cover Up

This multi-ruffle fashionable coverup is designed to give off princess style fashion vibes at an affordable and flexible price. Available in four different colors, this versatile product can be used in many different occasions and is made of chiffon and high quality materials that are durable and resistant to the elements. Soft, lightweight, and comfortable on your skin, your cover up will tie comfortably in several different ways and be enjoyable day or night.

MissShorthair Women’s Chiffon Sarong

This sheer beach sarong coverup is an elegant and fashionable accessory that’s perfect for the beach, pool, lake, a cruise, vacation, or a park. The beach sarong offers sun protection and are the perfect size for versatile use as a scarf, dress, or shirt. Each product comes with a 90 day money guarantee to ensure your satisfaction with the product. Your sarong is designed to comfortably protect you from the elements and cover up yourself reliably while also adding a fashionable element to your outfit.

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