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Surfing is one of the most popular pastimes for coastal towns in South East Asia, and for good reason. The sunny beaches and warm water draw in plenty of tourists and locals thanks to their tropical appeal and exciting physical activities. When you’re traveling, especially to top South East Asian destinations, you’ll likely notice many surfers traveling to the beaches every day, hauling their surfboards behind them. Morocco and Portugal are two of the most popular tourist and local surfing locations, with thousands of people flocking to the beaches to surf every day. However, in local towns many people don’t have access to or choose not to drive vehicles to the beach every day to surf. While this is better for the environment, it does create a problem when it comes to transporting your surfboard to the beach. 

Many people choose to cycle in seaside or other coastal towns to get from place to place, especially if you’re a local. While biking is easier to manage and better for the planet, it does pose a few concerns or disadvantages when it comes to transport, especially if you’re a surfer who just wants to get to the beach. If you’re struggling to balance the surfboard on your bike, don’t worry- engineers have found a way to make your life easier. Surfboard bike racks are designed to clip securely onto bicycles for storage of your surfboard that makes it easy to transport even on your cycle. Our guide here looks at the best surfboard bike racks that make your life easier and give you even more opportunities to catch waves in style.

Norker Surfboard Bike Rack

Continue to take an eco-friendly and natural approach to your surfing with this Norker bike rack that’s perfect for cruising to the waves. Your board can go wherever you bike with this handy bike rack that clips right onto your bicycle. The Norker bike rack installs securely onto your bicycle with handles and knobs that clip firmly onto bicycle posts with lightweight and strong aluminum construction that won’t rust or corrode despite exposure to salt water or the elements. Your bike rack comes with a height adjustment to accommodate different sizes of surfboards and strong attachment and adjustable straps that secure your surfboard in place while you pedal. The bike rack fixes securely onto the side of your bike to accommodate aerodynamic transport of your surfboard and makes it easy to pedal with everywhere. Your bike rack also is coated in soft foam to prevent dings and scratches to your surfboard even on bumpy roads, and it comes with a bonus wetsuit hanger for effective storage of your surfing road suit! The reliable surfboard bike rack is ideal for many different mountain bikes, beach cruisers, road bikes, and more, making it the perfect versatile rack for all kinds of cyclists and surfers.

COR Surf Shortboard Bike Carrier Rack

The COR surf shortboard carrier rack is perfect for simple shortboard surfers who are ready to catch some casual waves on their favorite surfboard. The bicycle is the perfect transportation tool for your oceanside trip, and with this portable and handy shortboard bike carrier rack you can clip your shortboard on easily and head for the ocean. This shortboard clip is made from lightweight aluminum and stainless steel. It’s completely rust proof and easy to ride with and clips securely onto the side of your bike. The bright green foam padding makes sure cars see you coming from a distance and also insulates your surfboard and your bike from further damage. This carrier rack works with any type of bike and mounts directly to the bicycle seat post that only requires a simple 5 mm hex key to install. The mounting hardware is easily included and quick to install, making it simple for all kinds of surfers and paddle boarders to use. Every product is 100% satisfaction guaranteed and designed to be used by all levels of surfers for easy use and function.

Onefeng Sport Surfboard Bike Rack

Another sturdy and functional bike rack, the Onefeng Sports Bike Rack clips onto all sizes of bicycles and fits all sizes of surfboards. Made of black, sturdy aluminum construction, this bicycle rack won’t rust or corrode, making it durable and able to be left on year-round without suffering damage from the elements. Clamp your surfboard to your seatpost and clip it on easily with the included hardware and instructions. As an eco-friendly way to the beach, this is a simple and functional way to get to the beach with your board without having to worry about transportation. Designed for road bikes, mountain bikes, cruisers, or BMX bikes, this fits onto essentially any size bike, making it an easy and functional tool for your surfing needs that you won’t have to upgrade to another bike. Foam covered padding prevents dings or scratches to your surfboard or your bike and insulates it on your ride to make it smoother and easier for you to focus on your balance. 

MBB Longboard Rack

For the committed surfer, transporting longboards or other heavy and lengthy surfboards can be one of the biggest hassles of getting to the beach. The longer and heavier surfboards are often difficult to maneuver and don’t fit into many cars or truck beds easily. You might be surprised then to learn that longboard racks are actually a great tool for cyclists to use to help get from place to place easily! These two separate longboard racks clip onto the front and back posts of your bike for stable support. Each arm is made from padded aluminum that clips firmly onto your bike post and insulates and protects your longboard from bumps or other issues. The longer and more spread apart arms make it easy for you to load up even the largest of longboards and ride with them anywhere. These work on hills or smooth roads, making them versatile and useful longboard racks that are perfect for serious surfers.

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