Best Snorkels – Buying Guide

Whether you are a professional swimming enthusiast or a scuba diving aspirant, a snorkel is pretty much the first thing to get before embarking on your journey. Snorkels have been around for quite a while now, and they have improved in design by a lot. 

The snorkels we see in the stores nowadays come from years of research and development to provide the superior experience. During all these years, different teams spread around to make different designs, and they all have their perks. 

The most notable type of snorkels that you might see nowadays are the snorkel sets, the full face snorkel masks, the prescription snorkels, the ultralight snorkels, and the dry snorkels. 

Let us guide you through the different types of snorkels and tell you who should buy what. 

snorkelling with glasses

Different Types of Snorkels

Full Face Snorkel Masks

Lots of the negative aspects of snorkeling were minimized and diminished due to the advent of these types of full-face masks. They are in the limelight now and rightfully so. Their designs are the most innovative, to say the least. 

1. Gocheer Full Face Snorkel Mask

This is one of the full face options from Gocheer. The full face masks may be quite different from the traditional designs, but they offer some awesome features. The full 180-degree view is a welcome addition.

Full face snorkel Mask

You will love the safety breathing system of this snorkel. You won’t have to worry about re-inhaling the carbon dioxide that you just breathed out. 


  • 180-degree view
  • Safety Breathing System
  • Carema mount design
  • Anti-leak and anti-fog
  • Easily replaceable

2. Unigear Full Face Snorkel Mask (B085C57B5F)

The other full face mask snorkel on our list is this one from Unigear. The snorkel has improved a lot from its previous versions. The improved airflow system helps you breathe safer.

You don’t have to worry about fogging up the view as its completely anti-fog. The included straps are solid, so it will stay secure on your face easily. 

Unigear full face mask snorkel


  • Safety Airflow System
  • Easy to use buckles and straps
  • Improved breathability
  • 180-degree panoramic view

Snorkel Sets

Some companies bring out the entire packages with their snorkels. They offer you everything you will ever need when you’re going snorkeling. The activity has gained quite the popularity in recent days.

Snorkeling sets have everything included, so you don’t have to worry about buying the other ones separately. Here are three of the best snorkeling sets for you to choose from. 

1. Rongbenyuan Snorkel Set

If you want a snorkeling set for your kids, this one should do the trick. The snorkel set has everything you need to start snorkeling. The lenses are made from tempered glass which is a plus. The adjustable straps make it easier to maneuver. 

You will get a diving mask, a snorkel tube, earplugs, and a nose clip with this set.

Rongbenyuan snorkel set


  • The lenses are made from glass
  • Comes with essentials
  • Has an adjustable strap
  • Perfect for kids

2. QTECLOR Snorkel Set

This one is another great snorkel set. The lens has an anti-fogging coating to prevent fogging up. You can easily breathe wearing this one. The straps make it a perfect fit for anyone.

QTECLOR snorkel set anti fogging

You don’t have to worry about any leaks either. This one is great for all ages.


  • No fogging
  • You can easily breathe
  • Fits perfectly
  • Adjustable straps included

3. Promate Snorkeling Mask

This one is the last snorkel set in the list, and this one is from Promate. The tempered glass lens is very durable and will last you quite a while. Don’t worry about any sort of leaks. 

Promoate snorkeling mask

The whole set will give you two scuba masks, and McNett Sea drops. You will even get a carrying case. Rest assured because the one-way valve won’t let the water get into the snorkel


  • Sea Drops lens cleaner is included
  • Comes with two masks
  • The tempered glass is very durable
  • The one-way valve is a welcome addition

Prescription Snorkels

Everybody loves snorkeling. But some of us can’t have that luxury due to wearing prescription glasses. For those of you who can’t snorkel because of this, these types of snorkels are a blessing. They will help you see perfectly underwater.

1. Promate Scuba Dive Snorkel Mask (B0794JC21W)

The lenses of this snorkel are similar to any bifocal spectacles that you might be used to. This will help you see underwater. This one fits quite nicely on your face. The tight fit will prevent water from getting in. 


  • The tempered glass is quite durable
  • You can customize the focal lengths 
  • You will get a wide view
  • The buckles are easily adjustable

Ultralight Snorkels

Not all of you prefer the full mask settings of traditional snorkels. Some of you prefer to see without any goggles. For these guys, ultralight snorkels are the way to go. Here is one of them.

TYR 2.0 Ultralite Snorkel

This one is very highly rated. TYR is fantastic for its ultra-light snorkels. This one comes with straps that’s attached to your forehead and stays on. This one is designed for all ages. 

The snorkel is very light in weight too. You will be able to breathe quite easily with this one.

ultralite snorkel


  • Hydrodynamic Tube Shape
  • Very lightweight
  • Aids to improve stability

Dry Snorkels

The last type of snorkel on our list is the dry snorkel. These snorkels come with a dry valve at the top. This dry valve successfully keeps the water out even when you dive underwater. 

Phantom Aquatics Dry Snorkel

This is one of the best dry snorkels in the market. It even has a large self-draining compartment. You won’t have to worry about any water leaking into your mouth.

phantom aquatics dry snorkel

The angled mouthpiece provides extra comfort to your mouth. Your gums won’t bleed with this one on. 


  • The tube is sealed while underwater
  • No leakage 
  • Simple purge system is quite helpful
  • The quick-release button is handy

Where to go Snorkelling?

If you are looking for inspiration on where to go snorkelling her are some of the best snorkelling destinations in Asia. You might also like to check out these guides to snorkelling in Koh Lanta and also this Honda Bay tour in the Philippines.

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