Best Beaches in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is a Vietnamese island popular with tourists due to the sandy beaches and tropical climate. However, geographically, it is actually closer to mainland Cambodia than Vietnam! Enjoy our guide to the Best Beaches in Phu Quoc.

Long beach

Bai Truong is simply referred to as ‘long beach’ because it is the longest in the region at nearly 20 kilometers. It’s touristic in places, with bars, restaurants hotels and a few nightclubs. At the north end its close to the Dinh Cau temple. Its fine sand makes great swimming opportunities and the length of the beach means you’ll always be able to find a spot to settle for the day and play catch and swim with friends and fellow travellers. The coast faces the sunset so it makes the perfect place for an evening Saigon or Tiger beer with a view.

Starfish beach

One of the best Beaches in Phu Quoc is star fish beach – aptly named because you can find many starfish on the beach and in the sea if you fancy a snorkel. It’s a small beach and quite remote so most visitors access it by motorbike or Jeep tour. It is sandy with clear water and swings to sit in the trees. If you’d like to see tiny fish and red starfish in the water, go to starfish beach!

Sao Beach

Known for being particularly beautiful, Sao beach is home to white sands and coconut palms. The sun glints off the water and invites you in to swim. There are a few activities to take part in, such as jet skiing and even getting a massage. Restaurants offer local twists on seafood and again there are swings to sit and gaze out at the ocean or take the picture perfect snap.

Dinh Cau

This beach is a little less touristic. You can explore the temple and enjoy singing karaoke at night with locals. Its slightly less clean and paradise-esc but its attractive for the more authentic culture. There are street vendors selling local snacks and it’s a fantastic sunset view point which provides opportunities for swimming in the orange sea under the setting sun.

Ganh Dau Beach

Use the Peppercorn Beach Resort as your map to find Ganh Dau Beach. You can park up here and walk through the resort to find a beach that is a true paradise. It has every travellers’ dream of crystal clear water yet, being slightly hidden away, it’s not overwhelmingly touristic. It’s the most relaxing beach for sitting with a book and sunbathing, swimming and finding shade under the abundant palm trees. There are also some coral reefs to explore with your snorkel. The resort offers drinks and local food so it’s a place you can sit all day. On a clear day, across the expanse of the sea, Ganh Dau is known for giving a view of Cambodia!

Fingernail Island

Opt for a smaller or private tour boat to the island with a local to see the corals and fish, blue waters and palms while avoiding the party crowds on bigger boats. It’s a perfect cove where you can sit and relax all day. Fresh seafood is offered along with stunning views.

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