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Krabi has been an up and coming stop for travellers on their South East Asian trips for a number of years. For anyone who wants to go, Krabi has amazing beaches, awesome parties and great views which makes it one of the best places to visit whilst in Thailand. Here’s a fabulous Krabi Itinerary 4 Days.

Krabi Itinerary 4 Days

Day 1

From personal experience, and reading what most reviews suggest, staying in the AO Nang area of Krabi is the place to be. As mentioned earlier, Krabi is known for its parties and it’s beaches. Depending on what you want from your trip, staying at Slumber Party Hostel is a big must! As the name suggests, Slumber Party is all about partying. However, if you’re interested in doing island-hopping, meeting great people and just having an amazing time, it’s the place to be.

On day 1, most people take a stroll around Krabi town as it’s where most of the bars, shops and markets are. One of the most famous markets is the Walking Street Market, otherwise known as the Night Market. The market is only open Friday-Sunday, but it’s one of the best markets in Thailand. The best time to go is probably early evening as this is where the market really comes into its own. Most people want to visit the market as it’s known for producing some of the best Thai food around – and who doesn’t want good food?

Day 2

Most hostels and hotels will have package tours you can choose from in order to explore Krabi. If you are staying at Slumber Party, you can take their ‘Island Awesomeness’ tour where you will really explore the entirety of Krabi. In particular, the famous Railay Beach. With the tour, you will visit Tonsai Beach, Railay Beach, Chicken Island and Poda Island. The latter two, being the two most popular snorkelling destinations in Thailand, both of which are considered National Parks.

Railay Beach Krabi

Why so many people enjoy going to railay beach is because there is so much to offer. You can either go for a walk through the caves and through the holes in the cliffs (be careful not to be caught out by the tide), or, go canoeing, sunbathe or just go for a swim in the sea. You’ll have probably seen many photos of Railay, and none do it justice.

Day 3

Now you’ve visited the islands and beaches around Krabi, and visited the famous night market, it’s time to relax on AO Nang Beach and soak up the rays. Krabi is just as much about relaxing as it is about partying.

However, now it’s time to explore why you wanted to come to Krabi – it’s party time. Slumber Party Hostel is the number one party hostel in the region and it will really set you up for a great night. Hosting it’s pub crawls Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, Slumber has given you a great opportunity to really have a night to remember (or not). Drinking games, alcohol buckets and then 4 different bars, the pubcrawl experience really has it all.

SOI RCA entertainment has 12 joints in a 100m long strip. Packed with bars, drinks and entertainment, it is very popular with people visiting Krabi. The bars are reasonably priced, around 80 baht per drink, which isn’t too bad to say you’re on a tourist trap strip around 250m from the sea.

Pro tip: Hit Amy’s, the most frequented water-hole out of the twelve tipsy-tanks lining the lane.

Day 4

On your last day if you’re not going to stay at Koh Phi Phi for more than 1 day (and I would really recommend you to stay and visit Phi Phi Island), then maybe you can do an island hopping tour to it instead. Phi Phi has some amazing golden sand beaches, huge cliffs around the islands and another great place for relaxing, snorkelling and yes you guessed it – partying.

One of the best tours to visit Phi Phi from Krabi is this Get Your Guide tour. The tour lasts for about 7.5 hours in total, where you really get to visit the different things Phi Phi has to offer.

You’ll start the day taking a speedboat ride which takes around 45 mins and not before long, you’ll be swimming among colourful fish and amazing corals at Pileh Lagoon. One of the huge attractions is slowly cruising past Maya Bay – no longer open to tourists at this time due to environmental controls imposed by the Thai government.

Manta Hin Daeng
Manta Ray

The tour also shows you the crystal clear waters and white sand beaches of Koh Pai and also one of my personal favourites places in Koh Phi Phi: Monkey Bay. Monkey Bay is exactly what it sounds like, a bay full of monkeys which enjoy human company. Just be careful you don’t have too many jumping on you at once.

Where to Eat?

Obviously, when visiting a place it is really important to check out all the local cuisine and the best places to eat. Krabi is no exception.

As mentioned above, the Walking Market is a really great place to eat really good Thai food, and the best thing is – it is really cheap to do so.

However, if you are looking for some awesome restaurants to eat at then my two personal favourites are ‘89 Cafe’ and ‘Massaman Restaurant & Bar‘. The latter is found in AO Nang, and as you can imagine serves amazing Massaman curries – I am half tempted to say one of the best I’ve ever had. 89 Cafe (In Krabi Town) also serves amazing curries, the Panang curry and Thai Green curry, a particular highlight of mine if you are looking for a great dinner. 

I hope that you enjoy this Krabi Itinerary 4 days. If you are spending time in Thailand you might also like to read this Chiang Mai Itinerary or find out about Snorkelling in Koh Lanta.


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