Why travel is good for anxiety sufferers

So many people presume that if you have anxiety, you are going to really find travel tough. Of course, that can be the case, if your triggers include planes, crowded spaces and anything out of the norm for your usual schedule. However, I’m going to throw something out there….travel can be quite the opposite. Today I’m here to explain why travel is good for anxiety sufferers….

Why travel is good for anxiety sufferers

Escape your Trigger

For some people, anxiety can be triggered by certain situations at home which could include a messy flat, a certain person or a job that is pushing you to your limits. If you remove yourself from that toxic person or situation then the anxiety can also be relieved. Is it escapism? Yes. Does it matter? Not in my book!

Causes you to go with the flow

As you travel, you start to realise that not everything goes your way or goes as planned….and actually that’s OK! Travel helps you to go with the flow and this kind of mindset can release you from certain anxieties.

Destress with less Clutter

Too much clutter in your life doesn’t do your mental health any good at all. Think about how much junk is in most people’s homes these days? Old electronics, toys from kids who have already grown up, stuff that was a gift from a relative who will always expect to see it on your mantlepiece even though you bloody hate it! What is all of that doing to your mind and sanity? It is simply like this – cluttered home, cluttered mind. One thing I totally love about backpacking – everything I need all in one simple and well packed bag. Less stuff = less stress!

Change your perspective

Another reason why travel is good for anxiety sufferers is that it changes your perspective. Sometimes being in a different place and experiencing things out of your comfort zone can cause you to look at things differently. Perhaps you have a clearer view of on a certain problem when you are hiking to Everest base camp that you wouldn’t get sitting in your front room binging on Netflix.

It takes a certain type of person

Of course, it takes a certain type of person to travel with anxiety. For some people, travel is just not for them. For others, travel will trigger their anxiety. But if your anxiety is caused by home stresses or you just need a different perspective on things then travel could definitely be for you.

Do you travel with anxiety? If so, I’d love to hear about it on my blog. Please leave a comment below…

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