Best Cities in Vietnam

The fact that Vietnam has something for everyone makes it so worth visiting. Beautiful beaches, crowded cities, remote villages, jungles, rivers, and mountains abound. In every way possible, this long, thin country is geographically diverse, providing a variety of experiences no matter where you go. From one end of the country to the other, weather, landscapes, recipes, dialects, influences, and even caffeine habits differ. Discover as many different lands as you can throughout the country. 


Located about 85 miles inland from the South China Sea, the city is located on the western bank of the Red River in northern Vietnam. Vietnamese consider Hanoi to be the nation’s cultural capital, and it’s not difficult to see why. There are countless restaurants, artisan shops, and pagodas in the Old Quarter, one of the must-see attractions. The Temple of Literature houses Vietnam’s first national university. If you are visiting Hanoi City, visit the War Remnants Museum and Notre-Dame Cathedral. It’s more common to find fun things to do outside the city, rather than within the city itself, in Ho Chi Minh. In any case, if you’re a fan of stunning French architecture or a Vietnam War buff, you might find it quite interesting. M

Must see in Hanoi: Bach Ma Temple, Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, Hoa Lo Prison

Nha Trang

The city is located 256 miles northeast of Ho Chi Minh City, at the mouth of the Cai River. several noteworthy attractions, Nha Trang keeps culture lovers occupied. These towers are a must-see, having been built by the Cham people in the 8th century. There are various religious influences represented in its impressive architecture, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. You can view the stained-glass windows and imposing columns of the Nha Trang Cathedral in town. Standing on a hilltop overlooking the city is the Long Song Pagoda, a colossal statue of Buddha. There is also the serene Buddhist Meditation Institute, which is a little out of town but well worth a visit. A beautiful view of paddies and mountains is available from the top of the institute’s gardens.

Must see in Na Trang: Long Song Pagoda, Nha Trang beach, Monkey Island

Hoi An

Hoi An is in the province of Quang Nam. Hoi An is known for its ancient town, but it is also on a beautiful coast and hosts several magnificent beaches. The sides of the islands are beautiful, with pristine stretches of sand and crystal clear waters. On your way to swimming and tanning, you’ll see rice paddies all around. In addition, you can visit the My Son ruins during a day trip. One of the most magnificent sights you’ll ever see is this abandoned Hindu temple complex from the fourth century. It’s not far from Hoi An and definitely worth a visit.

Must see in hoi an: UNESCO old town, My Son ruins, Central Market, Basket boat ride


The city is situated on the banks of the Perfume River in central Vietnam. Hue’s Royal food is well-known among the people. Hue is full of culinary delights, with over 1,000 specialty meals to choose from. You must seek out the appropriate locations to ensure that these specialties are made in the traditional manner, and you will not be disappointed. Hue’s imperial castle, royal mausoleums, and landmark pagodas are also well-known.

Must see in hue:  Bach Ma National Park, Tomb of Tu Duc, imperial castle, royal mausoleums,

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

Located 1,760 km south of Hanoi in Vietnam’s south-east region, Ho Chi Minh City is 1,090 miles from the capital. The city is home to numerous historical locations. Saigon is perfect for history buffs and for beginners alike, with its War Remnants Museum, Independence Palace, and Cu Chi Tunnels, among other notable attractions. All who settle here benefit from the city’s vitality, and visitors can’t help but be drawn into its embrace.

Must see in ho chi minh city: Cu Chi Tunnels, War Remnants Museum, Bitexco Financial Tower, War Remnants Museum

Da Nang

This seaside metropolis is thriving and evolving at a rapid pace. The beach strip in Da Nang is expanding, with new hotels and resorts opening all the time, and the Han riverside is a great place to stroll. There are numerous restaurants and hotels in this area. During the Vietnam War, American troops used the beaches here as a location to unwind. Do the same on My Khe Beach, a vast stretch of white sand that is one of Vietnam’s most stunning. You may drive up Hai Van Cross, a small mountain range with twisting roads that pass through the ocean and Da Nang, providing breath-taking views. The Marble Mountains, located 9 kilometres outside the city, are home to Buddhist pagodas and shrines.

Must see places in danang: The Golden Bridge Hands, Sơn Trà MountainBa Na Hills SunWorld, The Marble Mountains

Ninh Binh

This is a small city in northern Vietnam’s Red River Delta. Despite having some of Southeast Asia’s most stunning and breath-taking natural settings, many travellers miss it. Ninh Binh is a famous attraction where you can easily access Vietnam’s most rustic and authentic side, in addition to stunning scenery. The landscape is stunning, with vibrant green meadows and running rivers beneath limestone rocks and caves. There are several fascinating off-the-beaten-path temples to be found here.

Must see places in ninh binh, Visit Phat Diem Cathedral, Visit Tam Co, Explore Van Long Nature Reserve


The Red River Delta’s northern arm is home to Hai Phong. The city itself is pleasantly colonial blended with modern construction, despite its strong commercial and industrial backbone. Temples, shrines, pagodas, mausoleums, museums, art, architecture, and restaurants serving great local fare are among the many cultural attractions. There are also gorgeous beaches, a plethora of shopping opportunities, and a vibrant nightlife scene. Streets lined with Flame of the Forest trees, which thrill the eyes with their vibrant red flowers during the summer months, are one of Hai Phong’s most distinctive vistas. In May, the Red Flamboyant Festival brings together art troupes from all over Asia, as well as various performances and exhibits, to commemorate the trees’ vibrant flowering.

Must see places in haiphong:  Du Hang Pagoda, Pelican Cave, Hai Phong City Opera House, Hoa Cuong Cave



Dalat (in south Vietnam), known as the “Home of Adventure Sports in Vietnam,” offers a wide range of activities such as canyoning, white water rafting, trekking, mountain biking, overnight camping, and for the less intrepid, there are some lovely spots to explore at your leisure. Dalat is widely regarded as the ‘prettiest town in Vietnam,’ despite its colonial past. The alpine landscape of pine trees, rolling hills, and calm lakes has made it a favourite honeymoon destination.

Must see places in dalat: Bao Dai’s Summer Palace, Walk to Datanla Waterfalls, Admire the Lake of Sighs, Enjoy Linh Phuoc Pagoda

My Tho

My Tho, the capital of Tien Giang province, is quickly becoming a Mekong Delta tourist destination. When you arrive, you may expect to have all the typical delta experiences. Enjoying life on rivers, marvelling at many My Tho attractions, understanding cultural values, and feeling the delicacy of tropical fruits are among the best things to do. Y you will be astounded by this small city. A boat excursion is the greatest thing to do in My Tho, as it is in other Mekong Delta places. My Tho is situated on the enormous Mekong River, which has multiple streams that branch off into smaller rivers, which are subsequently connected by other waterways.

Must see places in My Tho: Explore the fascinating Phoenix Island Sanctuary, Enjoy authentic Vietnamese street cuisine, boat excursions


Overall, the best city in Vietnam to visit is Ho Chi Minh City as there is something for everyone. Ho Chi Minh City is a sensory overload of sights, sounds, flavours, and sensations. You’ll never be able to see everything no matter how long you stay, but the fun is in trying to see and experience as much as possible. You’ll never regret including Hoi chi Minh City on your Vietnam travel plans because it’s busy, dynamic, and developing, with a mix of old-world charm and modern industry.

However, there is so much to see that I would recommend spending at least 3-4 weeks in Vietnam if you can.

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