Boracay Island Hopping

Boracay is an island that has a lot to offer. Many people think that Boracay is just an island of the sun, sand and sea but there are still many things you can do beyond those usual activities. One of the best things to do in Boracay if you have little money to spend is just to do some island hopping. Tourists can also rent boats for a day and visit the other islands, or they can simply just use public transportation (van) to go around Boracay. Each island is unique in its beauty and charm so you should make sure to see them all while you are here.

In this article I will give you a brief introduction about each island and how you can get there. I will also offer tips to help you find the best boat rental so you don’t get overcharged or even cheated while on your journey. Remember that it’s always better to hire a local guide who knows the routes and the waters well.

How to get to the Islands?

Getting around Boracay in general is easy and once you know where all the ports are, you can go around the island and visit all the islands within a day. Tourists usually use banca or pump boats to get around. Within each island there are cottages and restaurants where you can have lunch or dinner before heading out again to another one of the islands.

What to Pack for Boracay

Do you love the beach? Do you enjoy swimming, snorkeling and scuba-diving? Want to be in a place that is remote enough for some peace and quiet but commercialized enough to have fun activities available for your enjoyment as well? If so, then Boracay will be one of your favorite places in the Philippines. Boracay is a small island that can be found in the Western part of the Visayas and has nine different beaches to offer people from all over. If you plan to visit Boracay, you may want to bring some things with you so that your trip will go on without any problems. You might also need these items for some of the activities you plan to participate in while on your island hopping adventure. If so, here is a list of items that you can bring with you to Boracay:

Swim suit – swim suits are very important because they will protect you from any stings or cuts should you decide to go snorkeling or scuba diving during your trip.

Beach Towel – your beach towel will be used to lay on if you decide to lie out in the sun, as well as drying yourself off after a swim.

A Camera with extra memory cards for pictures and batteries for your camera. Since a lot of people visit Boracay every year, it is likely that most activities and places are very crowded, so be sure to bring extra memory cards for your camera too.

Binoculars – if you decide to go on the Mount Luho trail (which is recommended) then you may want to invest in a good set of binoculars because this way, you will be able to see all the sites much more clearly. A good, powerful lens is also necessary so that you can view the whole island from mount Luho’s peak.

Where to stay in Boracay

Boracay has several places to choose from when it comes to hotels and accommodations. It is a popular place, after all, so you should be able to find some budget-friendly options that will suit your needs. Here are some of the most preferred ones:

Airport Inn – This is one of the best hotels because it’s affordable and has a lot of activities to offer its guests. It’s located on White Beach, which is also one of the busiest beaches in Boracay so if you want some peace and quiet then maybe consider staying at another hotel.

Boracay Island Hopping

Some of the best and most popular islands to visit from Boracay

Isla De Caraways (Carabao Island) – This is the smallest of all the 9 islands. Getting to this island can be difficult because not a lot of people go there and you don’t see boats going in that direction. The best way to get here is by renting a boat for yourself. Do not take a van or jeepney as these will drop you off at Puka beach and you will have to walk a little bit more than a kilometer before reaching the island.

Caticlan – Can be reached by plane or boat. The Caticlan airport used to be a US airbase during World War 2. Check out Pamilacan at this destination where you will find some beautiful rock formations, a nice beach and a unique experience snorkeling.

Cabugao – A very popular destination since it is only about 30 minutes by boat away from Boracay. The beaches here are well-known because of the white sand and powdery type of sand they have.

Cagban – This is another island that you can reach by boat from Caticlan. The island is not much to look at but it does have some beautiful scenery.

Culion – Located just off the tip of Boracay, you can reach Culion Island by plane or boat. One unique feature that stands out about this place is the San Lazaro Leper Colony which was established here in 1783.

Coron – A popular tourist destination that you can reach by plane or boat from Boracay. The best souvenirs to buy here are their local hammocks and coconut crafts – only found in Coron.

Cuyo – Another island located just off of the tip of Boracay Island, it is a good destination for those wanting to do some whale watching.

Malcapuya – A popular island near Coron Island that offers a nice white sand beach, beautiful scenery and the opportunity to go windsurfing or sailing.

Pasonanca – Located at the tip of Caticlan, Pasonanca is known for its beautiful view from its peak. The mountain is also home to the Pasonanca Park, one of the popular destinations on Caticlan Island because it is home to a variety of flowers and trees.

Pulau Tiga – This island is located about 45 minutes away from Boracay by boat. If you are looking for an island with beautiful white sand beaches, this is the place to be.

Cobra island – Located just off of Cagban, you can reach this place by boat or kayak if the water conditions are right. You might want to stay away from this island as it is mostly populated with snakes (hence its name).

Other Islands: Balabag Island – the smallest inhabited island in Boracay. It is home to the old elementary school and a few of the bigger resorts are located here. It also has some nice white sand beaches on it.

Bag-inguy Island – another good place to go for those that want something more secluded and quiet while at Boracay.

Barangay Yapak – the main village in Boracay which has a few shops, restaurants and a nice beach. There are also several resorts located here that can be rented out or booked for an overnight stay.

Diniwid Beach – Located on the southern part of Boracay Island. It is famous for snorkeling and has a nice long beach.

Gran Via – It is the most commercialized part of Boracay Island, located on the northern tip of it. This is where you can find shops, restaurants and resorts that are more expensive than those located in other parts of Boracay.

Miniloc Island – Located off to the left when you look out from Diniwid Beach. This is a nice island for sunbathing and hanging out with friends since it has no resorts on it.

Paradise beach – A very popular destination that you can reach by boat or kayak. If the water conditions are right, this place is very much recommended to go to because of its amazing scenery and surroundings. In the evening, this place turns into a hotspot because of all the bars that are located here.

Sagbayan Peak – A perfect spot to enjoy Boracay’s sunrise or sunset. You can hike up to it by foot or you can take a tricycle from Diniwid Beach for about 20 pesos.

Sandy Beach – One of the most popular beaches in Boracay because it is a white sand beach and has clear blue water. It is located to the left when you look out from Diniwid Beach, but can be reached by foot or by tricycle if needed.

Sunset Cruise – A trip that will show you the beautiful sunset scenery of Boracay. It is located in Diniwid Beach and you can go by foot, boat or tricycle to reach it.

White Beach – Some parts of this beach are lined with palm trees while other parts have coconut trees that line the sand. The water is also clear and blue here. While this beach may be crowded at times, it is still one of the most visited beaches in Boracay.

White Beach – Located just off the tip of Diniwid Beach, this beach has a row of palm trees that line its edge and are left untouched even when coconut crabs scamper through them. It is also less populated than White Beach and you can usually find it to be quiet and relaxing.

Volcano Island – There is a volcano here that erupts sometimes and forms large cracks on the ground around its base. It is located at the tip of Diniwid Beach, right where White Beach starts off. Getting there can be done by boat or kayak.

Banana Island, also known as it’s former name, Obama Island – A very tiny island, located on the northern part of Boracay. This place is mostly known for its lone Banana tree that stands in the middle of it. There used to be a resort built on here called ” All-Inclusives Only” but they lost their lease and left several months later.

This island is not recommended to go to because it is now known for being home to a lot of snakes, has very few people on it and there is little to no accommodation or transport available.

Grand Boracay – A new resort that has been built on the northern part of Boracay Island. It’s a long cable-stayed bridge that ends at a large resort complex. It’s one of the most popular places to go to in Boracay and is now home to several activities such as an extreme sports center, horseback riding, water sports and ocean adventures.

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