Java Itinerary

Have you got 7 days to spend on the wonderful island of Java? I hope that you will love this perfect Java itinerary. Start in Jakarta, the vibrant and bustling capital…

Day 1 – Start your Java Itinerary in Jakarta

Let’s start your Java Itinerary in Jakarta, the largest city in Java. Jakarta is an amazing, vibrant city full of places that are well worth a visit. As is typical of a big city, there are lots of different cultural things to do- mosques to visit, areas of old towns and markets to explore and museums for history and education. The Istiqlal Mosque is the largest in Indonesia, and is accepting of both Muslims and non-Muslims, although we’d recommend checking any rules before you depart. There’s also the national museum and the national monument, which is very popular with tourists and pretty impressive, and the Bogor Botanical Gardens if you’d prefer something more outdoorsy. 

Day 2 – Take a train to Yogyakarta

There’s going to be a lot of travelling! We prefer to take trains around Java- they’re faster and more reliable than coaches, and cheaper and better for the environment than flying. You also get to see more of Java, which is fun. On day two, get up nice and early and hop on a train to Yogyakarta. It should take around eight hours, so you’ll probably get there late afternoon or early evening. Alternatively, look into getting a sleepy train overnight and arriving in Yogyakarta in the morning. Yogyakarta is another city, full of culture and life. It’s famous for a number of things including fine arts, ballet, literature and Wayang puppetry. When you’ve arrived and dropped your bags off at the hostel, see if you can catch a show. It’s well worth it- the puppets are beautiful and the stories are usually from Hindu mythology, which is complicated, compelling and fascinating all at once. 

Day 3 – Head to Borobudur

If you’ve only got a week to travel the whole of Java, you’ll need to get moving quite quickly. It might be tempting to stay for longer in Yogyakarta, but we think you should push on to Borobudur. You should be able to get a coach or train from Yogyakarta without much trouble. Borobudur is astonishing. It’s a world heritage site and 9th century Mahayana Buddhist temple, the largest Buddhist temple in the world. It’s Indonesia’s most visited tourist attraction, so it should be accessible and with lots of useful provisions nearby. It’s also absolutely breathtaking, and is a wonderful experience for everyone.

Borobudur temple complex

Day 4 – Take a day trip to the Beach 

Stay a little longer in Yogyakarta, and take a day trip to the beach! Travelling can be exhausting and stressful on your body, so having a day to relax is a really good idea. Parangtritis Beach is about 30km outside of Yogyakarta, and you should be able to get there fairly easily. There are lots of fun local legends about sea nymphs in the area and it’s also really romantic, so it’s a must-visit for lovers. There are also some temple ruins if you’re looking to do a bit of exploration, or you can go on a horse and cart ride along the beach. If you love temples, add in a trip to Prambanan.

Day 5 – travel to Mount Bromo

Day five is another heavy travelling day. A lot of people might choose to move onto Bali from Yogyakarta, but we know that you’re not ‘done’ until you’ve seen one of Java’s gorgeous volcanoes. We love Mount Bromo, to the east of Yogyakarta in Gunung Bromo. It’s a full day of travelling there, but it should be easy to find group tours or trains going fairly regularly. As before, it’s likely to take all day but it’s a great way to see some countryside and maybe make some travelling friends. 

Day 6 – Hiking Mount Bromo

It’s time to climb! We’d recommend planning this part of your trip in advance, so you get the full experience and don’t have any extra stress when you arrive. Mount Bromo is one of East Java’s most popular tourist destinations, so there should be lots of walking groups that you can join and places to hire any equipment you’ll need. It’s a lot of effort, but it’s a truly astonishing area. Try to get a local guide who speaks the same language as you and chat to them about the religious and historical importance of Mount Bromo, because it’s absolutely fascinating and will only enhance the natural beauty.

Mount Bromo Indonesia

Day 7 – Surabaya

If you’re not tired, you should be! Sadly, you’re coming to the end of your Java itinerary. I’d recommend flying out from Juanda International Airport, as it’s pretty large and it’s likely that there’ll be something for wherever you’re heading next. See if there’s a shuttle from Mount Bromo to Surabaya, where the airport is located. As they’re both popular for tourists you’re likely to have lots of options for getting there. If you have some time before the flight there’s things to do in Surabaya, or if you’d prefer to relax the city is famous for its rooftop bars where you can enjoy local cuisine and admire the views. 

I hope that you enjoy this 7 day Java itinerary. If you would like to read more about Indonesia, check out this 10 day Bali Itinerary.

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