Best Hostels in Hanoi

Hanoi is an essential stop in Vietnam. It’s full of French and Chinese influences, with some great temples and markets to visit. It’s very digital nomad friendly. If you are staying in Vietnam on a budget, you will be interested in the best hostels in Hanoi. Here are some of my favourites:

Old Quarter View received its name because of its ideal location; found at the very heart of Hanoi Old Quarter, this unique hostel is full of life and provides a multitude of visually stimulating pleasures! Decorated, colorful, culturally rich, comfortable, clean, community oriented and spacious – Old Quarter View gives you a glance into the beautiful culture of Hanoi through wonderfully mesmerizing scenery. It also equips you with a free of charge breakfast every morning and not to mention the free beer happy our every single evening! They also offer different services such as airport pick up, many kinds of tours and even visa help! Convenient, budget friendly and quirky – you can’t miss paying Old Quarter View a visit.

Hanoi Central Backpackers is a central for only one thing: party, party, party! They run nightly parties at their rooftop bar after 11 PM and host all type of unique celebrations. Share a communal area with people from around the world while you party your way into new, exciting friendships! Hanoi Central Backpackers joins you in your trip of self discovery by making you live your life to the fullest! Located in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, Central Backpackers is nestled in Hoan Kiem District, home of the most thriving, ever growing marketplace in downtown Hanoi. Central Backpackers creates an awesome atmosphere full of endless fun where anyone and everyone is welcome!

Nexy is an upscale luxury hostel in the center of Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Reminiscent of other picturesque buildings, Nexy brings a luxuriously multi cultured community together and creates a fresh and unique place to unite travelers from all over the world. They offer unique benefits to their guests by granting them free luxuries at the sole cost of their direct booking and opportune visit. Their housing varies from budgets and levels of privacy of all kinds and offers travelers a way to personalize their visit by choosing their favorite dorm. Nexy is a perfect place for travelers who are accompanied by their significant others, as it has a colorful, lively, friendly energy that will make your stay worthwhile and totally unique!

Luxury Backpackers is the perfect place for those who love privacy, luxury and comfort. This sophisticated hostel offers accommodations for those who are traveling for business or for leisure, with 28 different rooms and 4 different styles to choose from, featuring housing for every group size no matter how large or how small, every room comes with lavish installations and abundant amenities beautifully arrange in a classic high-end way that will make anyone feel like royalty. Located in Ngo Huyen Street, Luxury Backpackers is elevated by the beautiful street view from their suites, providing the travelers with their own private balcony where they can pass the time and get drenched in the culture of Hanoi.

Republik Backpackers is an amazing place where Southeast Asian culture is globalized and expressed in the most visually pleasing way to enchant the travelers during their stay providing them with a uniting cultural experience. Standing tall in the middle of a quiet street of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, Republik Backpackers is a structure with tons of natural light, well designed spaces, air conditioned rooms and spacious facilities that unite all kinds of cultures. Republik Backpackers is full of all types of flavors and fun and it yields a pleasing experience and encourages travelers to meet like-minded individuals in their journey across Hanoi.

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