Scuba Diving Coron

If you enjoyed Scuba diving in Palawan then you should also consider Scuba Diving Coron – an island off the Northern tip of Palawan famous for wreck diving, crystal-clear freshwater lakes and shallow-water coral reefs. Let’s first look at how to get there.

Getting to Coron Island

The easiest way to get to Coron is to fly to Francisco B. Reyes Airport (formerly known as Busuanga Airport) Coron directly from Manila which takes around 1h 20mins. You can pick up a flight for relatively cheap – around $60-100 depending on the day and time and of course how far in advance you book. Skyjet and Philippine airlines are good options. It’s about a 30-40 minute journey from the airport to Coron town (you don’t need to pay more than P150-200 for your taxi or tuk-tuk).

The ferry from Manila is a possibility but won’t be too much cheaper than flying and will actually take 11 hours. Some travellers are coming from Palawan island and the ferry can take up to 11 hours. Be sure to check the safety of the company that you are travelling with and avoid doing the ferry crossings in Monsoon season.

Dive Centres in Coron

Once you are there, you need so find a decent dive centre to give you the best possible diving experience and also to have your back for safety. The best diving locations are near the Southern tip of Busuanga island. Here are some of the best dive centres in Coron.

Suba diving Coron map

Neptune Dive Centre

Famous for wreck diving sites, Coron is a popular area of the Phillipines for scuba divers to discover. At Neptune Dive Centre, there is something on offer for everyone whether you’re experienced with thousands of dives under your belt or a newbie just testing the waters. The team at Neptune guide dives to jaw-dropping wrecks and spectacular coral reefs which are teeming with fish and turtles. You can also explore mysterious caverns below and an incredible thermal lake. Neptune Dives are created by divers for divers offering fun and personal dives.

Reggae Dive Centre

If you’re looking for the friendliest and happiest dive in the beautiful, uprising town of Coron, look no further than Reggae Dive Centre. The team at Reggae Dive Centre offer daily dive excursions to the ten famous Japanese World War Two wrecks of Coron Bay whilst also taking divers to explore the colourful coral reefs and the unique Barracuda Lake. You will find that Reggae offer the most informative wreck dive in Coron as they provide the  history of each wreck site. Better yet, they also know which hidden spots to find baby barracuda, crocodile fish and sea snakes.

Corto Divers

At Corto Divers, you will find an offering of dozens of excursions to dive sites for all levels. From dives at Cyc Reef which is popular with beginners due to its gradual slope to Barracuda Lake with an abundance of life for experienced divers, Corto Divers have something for you. They offer introduction sessions, PADI certified courses and fun dives for diving veterans. If you’re experienced, you don’t want to miss a trip out with Corto Dives. The fun dives on offer from Corto Divers are a once in a lifetime experience to some incredible, unique dive sites, including Catherdral Cave.  This magnificent underwater cave is home to juvenile lobsters and are impressive to see up close.

Sanho Dive Centre

With rave reviews on TripAdvisor, Sanho Dive Centre is one of the most popular dive shops in Coron. Sanho Dive Centre offers expert knowledge, years of experience and great service along with flexibility so that you can make the most out of your trip to the Phillipines. The passionate team take you to the most popular coral reefs, wreck sites and unique underwater attractions whilst offering highly competitive prices. Even if you’re still coming round to the idea of scuba diving, you can give the team a go with a snorkelling session first to help you find your sea legs. 

Aqua Dive Centre

As well as options for exploring the popular reefs and wrecks of Coron, Aqua Dive Centre also offers night diving for those more daring. Night dives are incredible because with the lack of diffracted sun rays, the colours of the ocean world pop under torch light. The night dives are easy and interesting in the waters of Coron with plenty of ‘nightlife’ to be found amongst the wrecks and reefs. The noctural aquatic life is quite a sight to be seen and most nights, divers are also priviledged to witness the bioluminescence of glowing plankton.

Pirates Diving Resort

The boutique resort and dive centre of Pirates Diving Resort offers the full package. With outstanding accommodation, a PADI 5 Star diving centre plus the Pirates Tavern Bar, it is the best place for the most swashbuckling of dive experiences. They offer it all whether you want to explore the wrecks or find Nemo, they can help you shape the experience you are looking for in Coron. Their aim is for you to have the most amazing adventure and their personalised service is a priority. Pirates Diving Resort are a top choice for you to experience Phillipines’ top dive destination.

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