Nectar Points – Collect Nectar Points and redeem them for your Travel!

Jan 19, 2015 3 comments
Nectar Points – Collect Nectar Points and redeem them for your Travel!

You can collect Nectar points to be redeemed for travel discounts, and even free flights and train journeys if you collect enough! I have recently started to collect nectar points to get free Easyjet flights.

What is a Nectar card?

A Nectar card is a free rewards card that you can apply for online. You can collect nectar points for your shopping and travel, and the more nectar points that you collect, the bigger the rewards you will get.

Where can you Collect Nectar Points?

Most people know that you can collect Nectar points at Sainsbury’s supermarket. However, you can also collect Nectar Points for utilities, mobile phone and travel.

Here are a few of my best tips to make sure that you get the most out of Nectar. If you switch most of your monthly expenditure to Nectar shops, you will see your nectar points go up quite rapidly!

10 Tips to Collect more Nectar Points

  1. Change your weekly or monthly grocery shop to Sainsbury’s.
  2. Change your Credit Card to a Nectar Credit Card (2 points every £1 you spend) or use American Express and transfer your Members points into Nectar Poi
  3. Connect your EBay account to your Nectar Card.
  4. Switch your mobile phone to Sainsbury’s (collect 4 points every £1 that you spend on mobile top ups).
  5. Change your car, home and/or life insurances to Nectar.
  6. Collect as you travel with BP for petrol, Virgin/First for train tickets and Expedia for holidays.
  7. Switch your home energy to British Gas.
  8. Install the Nectar Toolbar to get nectar points for searches (1 point per 2 searches). It will also remind you where to shop online for Nectar Points!
  9. Download the Nectar App for your Smartphone.
  10. Complete Nectar Online surveys and receive 120 points per survey.

Travel Hacking and Nectar Points

How can you Redeem your Nectar Points for Travel?

If you want to be an expert in travel hacking (getting travel for cheaper or even free), you should definitely collect Nectar Points, because you can save them up for the following travel rewards….

  • Easyjet – every 500 points are worth £2.50 off your flight and you can top up the difference with a credit or Debit card. Remember that there is a £12.00 booking fee that applies to all flights.
  • Eurostar – every 500 points are worth £2.50 (pay part or in full with nectar) and there is a £10.00 booking fee.
  • Expedia – Redeem a minimum of 2,000 points to get £10 off your holiday cost (any combination of hotel + flight + car) and an additional £2.50 off for every further 500 points redeemed.
  • Hertz (Car Rental) – Every 500 points are worth £2.50 off your Hertz car hire, and you can top up with cash, credit or debit at time of pick-up. You just spend your points in block of 500.
  • Virgin Trains East Coast – The points exchange for the same amount, but must be converted into a Virgin Trains eVoucher of £2.50, £5.00, £10.00, £20.00 or £50.00 (also see Travel Hacking UK Trains).

Do you collect Nectar Points for travel? If so, I want to hear about it!

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