What I am offering to Hotels and Hostels as a Press Trip

In return for accommodation (4 nights) in your Hotel, lodge or hostel, I am offering the following media package or press trip….

  • Full hotel or hostel review of 1000 words published on
  • Tweet (to over 5000 followers), Facebook Post and Instagram images of your accommodation daily during my stay.
  • I follow/like all of your social media accounts for your hotel or hostel.
  • Link in the ‘accommodation’ section of my blog.

In towns and cities, I am specifically looking for accommodation that has an exciting and friendly atmosphere and central location.  In rural and rainforest settings, I am looking for sustainable hotels and eco-lodges with access to wildlife (responsible tourism). As a trained Geography teacher, sustainability and a use of renewable energy are important to me.

Information for Sponsoring Hotels

As a professional travel blogger, I always share the following information about what I am looking for with my sponsors…

  • The accommodation must be suitable for backpackers and travellers in their mid 30s.
  • It must have free WIFI for blogging and social media.
  • I am an eco-conscious travel blogger, so I will be interested to hear how your accommodation in green and sustainable.

Terms and Conditions of Media Coverage

I also agree to sponsored accommodation under the following terms…

  • I will declare on my blog that the article is a sponsored post, so that my followers are aware of my honesty and transparency.
  • I will always blog and tweet honestly, even when accommodation is free, because my readers value and trust my opinions.
  • Social media promotion will be daily during the trip and agreed articles will be published within 7 days of the stay, but usually, during the stay itself!

If you are interested in becoming my sponsor for one of my blogging trips, please email me, or complete the contact form below.

Where am I?

February 2016 – Belgrade, Serbia

April 2016 – Iceland

Summer 2017 – SE Asia

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Who is the Globetrotter Guru?

Hi, I'm Amy, a social media marketer, teacher and traveller with a lust for life. I suffer from epilepsy, asthma, endometriosis and anxiety, but I don't let my chronic conditions stop me from travelling and living life to the full. After travelling from Moscow to Beijing on the Trans-Siberian railway and volunteering with genocide survivors in Rwanda, I decided it was time to quit my job and set up my own business to work remotely. Join me on my journey around the world as a digital nomad, and let me teach you how to live your dreams too!


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